Arctic Images Inc.

Arctic Images is a unique collection of images by Ragnar TH. Sigurdsson, a highly experienced photographer native to Iceland and a member of the Explorers Club. The collection specializes in the pure, clean, untouched beauty of the arctic. Content includes volcanoes, aurora borealis, waterfalls, glaciers wildlife, flora and daily life. The imagery has proven powerful for editorial and advertising work and has a large stock collection. Ragnar is available for assignments in Iceland and the arctic. He also does photo tours and workshops in Iceland and can cater to all levels of photography experience. We look forward to hearing from you for your next project or adventure.

Capital Region

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Studio facilities are available.

Recent Clients

  1. National Geograhic
  2. Toyota
  3. Time-Newsweek
  4. Ice Hotel
  5. Discover the World


  1. Included in Picture of the Year for Time and Nature Magazine
  2. Outdoor Exhibit at The Jokulsarlon, Iceland
  3. Art Museum in Kopavogur
  4. Various Galleries in Reykjavik