Barry Johnson Photography

Over 60 years photographing life and the world around us.

I have carried out lots of photographic tasks in my lifetime, too numerous to list, but have an all round experience of life and people. I love travel, nature, landscapes and just taking pictures.

I see pictures all the time and now in my semi retirement with my wife as my model and assistant - she too carries a camera when we are "working".

We are really happy to go to a place and get the feel of it, take our impressions of what we feel and observe. That way we bring back some special pictures as well as the ones the client has specified.

I started at about 11 years old with contact prints of leaves in a press and have come through scientific, ultra high speed, processing in bulk, film machine processing, advertising and travel.


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  1. City & Guilds Photography London Poly
  2. RAF 4 years in photography
  3. Advertising & Graphic Arts