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gold star Terry Wild Photography

Terry Wild

New Haven, United States

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United States- rural life style, agriculture, people, domestic animals, children, education- secondary and primary, recreation, food, industry, occupations.

blue star Robert Leon Photographer

Robert Leon

Robert Leon

Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver Canada based photographer with 33-years professional working experience specializing in documentary photography, photojournalism, travel-photojournalism, corporate annual reports, advertising photography and film/video.

blue star IndyFoto

Linda Dawn Hammond

Linda Dawn Hammond

Toronto, Canada

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Linda Dawn Hammond MFA 1996, Toronto based Professional Freelance Photographer/Journalist, Will travel.

Languages: English, French & German.

Canadian and UK citizen Extensive photo archives 1976-NOW.

Expertise Politics & Arts (cinema, music, dance, writers) Accred.

Official Photographer at cultural events- media/film/ festivals/awards (MWFF, MJFF, Playback Hall of Fame at TIFF, MTL Writers Fed., PRIDE Toronto) Political events include Quebec Summit/Pope & Dalai Lama visits/Oka Crisis/GMO/AIDS/Gay/Middle East conflict/Iraq war demos.

Use digital SLR & analog 35mm, Medium Format & 4" by 5",with flash/studio/available light. Excellent Photoshop retouching/illustration.

A photo-based Fine artist, I've participated in solo & group exhibits in Canada/UK, taught U.

blue star Frank Nowikowski Photography

Frank Nowikowski

Frank Nowikowski

Mexico City, Mexico

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Professional photographer with many years of experience.

Editorial work has appeared in publications like: National Geographic, Photography magazine Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography, South, Stern (Ger), National Enquirer, Geographical magazine, Bild (Ger), Music Teacher (Aus), Sun, Business Mexico, The News (Mex), Buenos Aires Herald, Latin Trade, The Scotsman, Daily Record, Scottish Field, In Britain, The Lady, Saga, Business Traveler, Executive Travel, Healthy Living, Animal World, Environment Now, WWF News and in numerous books.


Sylvia Dallas

Sylvia Dallas

Greater Portmore, Jamaica

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For the last seven years I have worked hard at honing my craft. I am a self-taught photographer who keeps up to date on technology related to my chosen field of photography and self-publishing.

My mission statement: to record accurately through poetry and photography my vision of the world around me, that piece of our culture that will become history, to see in the mundane something extraordinary and to display it to the world.

The pictures displayed here represent a cross section of my work (from the exclusive editions to the stock photography - enjoy

Corrie Scott Photography

Corrie Scott

Corrie Scott

Bridgetown, Barbados

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In her daily and also world travels, Corrie always has a camera close to hand to capture those elusive human moments and those ' around the corner' views that delight. The back light of a flower, a turtle popping its head up above water, a lonely worker in the fields, a huddle of ladies gossiping under and umbrella, the balletic movements of the fishermen as they use their nets. So much that surrounds us.


Ahmed K

Ahmed K

Toronto, Canada

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Am located in north york , i cover Greater Toronto area ,, i do new born , products, engagement, industrial.

drop me an email or send me a PD mail if you have a task for me.

James Markus Photography LLC

James Markus

James Markus

Grand Rapids, United States

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I have been taking photos for 40 years, and worked 20 years as a professional advertising/marketing photographer in the Creative Services department of the Grand Rapids Press. I voluntarily left the press in October 2008 to open my own studio in Hudsonville Michigan. In February 2009, and March 2010 I was voted the top photographer in Grand Rapids Michigan by readers of the Grand Rapids Press, and mlive. I shoot many types of photography, and I strive for excellence in all my photographic work. I have provided photographic services for over four hundred clients in the last two years.

Evelyn Symons Photography

Evelyn Symons

Evelyn Symons

Saint John, Canada

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Evelyn Symons is a freelance photographer and writer living in New Brunswick, Canada.

She specializes in landscapes, travel, abstract, and photo journalism.

Symons is able to find the unfamiliar in the familiar with shapes, lines, shadow, light, and texture. With a keen sense of adventure, she wanders the back roads looking for just the right shot no matter if it is during a blizzard in New Brunswick, Canada or the dunes of the Namib Desert of Namibia, Africa.

Olia Saunders Photography

Olia Saunders

Olia Saunders

New York City, United States

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Reward winning food and lifestyle photographer based in NYC.

Photographic Art

Peter J Crowley

Peter J Crowley

Olympia, United States

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Seeking the Highlight

Since 1971 I've worked as a photographer, always striving to locate and share what's good in life.

All anyone really photographs is light. The subject is merely a vehicle to transform the light into an emotion.

The marketplace is filled with images that are created electronically or that are manipulated later (found) in the darkroom. The image I create is in the viewfinder. It is a way of seeing - interpreting light and movement in this space. The point of creation is when I click the shutter. What I share with the viewer is this moment, this deliberate act of seeing, this dancer moving in this space, that flower against the skin. I try to show more of the performer in ordinary people doing ordinary things, presenting life itself as a performing art, where everyday details momentarily exist as aesthetic forms embodying ideas and emotions.

Agnes Caruso Photography

Agnes Caruso

Agnes Caruso

Falls Church, United States

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Agnes background is in travel and nature photography, however, recently she developed a strong portrait portfolio. Working with amateur and professional models is a challenge but it is also very rewarding. She does lots of the photoshots outdoors with natural light but also does indoor portrait shots.

Agnes photographed in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, she is currently based in Virginia in USA.

Rowley Photo-Graphics

Mathew Rowley

Mathew Rowley

Helena, United States

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Shooting professionally for nearly 20 years, I have amassed a large stock portfolio. I reside in Helena, Montana USA and have traveled all around the world. I have many images from Iraq, Kuwait, Ireland, Thailand and a large number of states in the US. My style tends to be photojournalistic, shooting on the fly. Weddings, portraits, aerial, scenic, and travel; my goal is to find the candid shot that tells a story. Am willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Strobes, Soft Boxes, and bounce, I have many ways of adding light to a subject. I travel and vacation regularly, and will satisfy all your photography needs.

NatureQuest Photography

Audrey Smith

Audrey Smith

Titusville, United States

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1995-present: freelance photographer, specializing in nature and wildlife, occasional wedding.

2009-Associate of Science in Photographic Technology, Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, Daytona State

College, Daytona Beach, Florida Assorted work for C.A.R.E. Foundation, Apopka, FL

Medtoxin Laboratories, Deland, FL

Central Florida Zoological Park, Sanford, FL

Brevard Zoo, Melbourne, FL

February 14, 2009: Photographer for event at Faith Lutheran Church, Ormond Beach, FL for Halifax Humane Society

Gregory Johnston Photography

Gregory Johnston

Gregory Johnston

Coeur d'Alene, United States

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My photographic style closely resembles my life and my character. It shows a simple truth, an uncluttered and simple truth that shows the inner beauty of life around me. Sometimes it is easier to see the truth in others than it is in yourself. My photography is an attempt at capturing the simple truth in myself through the lens.

1. Published in various regional and national magazines.

2. Both images accepted in Juried competition for Art on the Green in Coeur d'Alene, ID to be held August 2013

3. Sell to stock agencies around the country and parts of the world.

4. Made cover of music group's (Space Pimps) CD.

5. Sports Photography.

6. Lifestyle, Nature, landscape, food, fine art, concept, and wildlife stock photography

Maxim Sivyi Photography

Maxim Sivyi

Maxim Sivyi

Mooresville, United States

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I started my photo journey in 2006 and very passionate about it. Don't have any particular stile and are not specializing in anything yet and photograph anything that caches the eye. Also I have studio equipment like flashes, hot-lights, backdrops, reflectors etc. for when need to photograph families, portraits, events or stills.

Korchenko Photography

Victor Korchenko

Victor Korchenko

Oakville, Canada

Click for abstract portfolio

Specialize in:

travel, garden, wildlife, architecture, fine art photography.

Various formats - DSLR, 35 mm, medium format and large format 4x5" and up to 8x10"

Travel extensively - China, Japan, North America, Europe

Member of American society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)


Roy Langstaff

Roy Langstaff

Vancouver, Canada

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My earlier background in the field of engineering design leads me to create images having simplicity, structure, geometric qualities, and an air of abstraction whenever these properties are at hand. For all of those other times when form is not the main subject, I strive to create striking images using the available visual components within the scene. Many of my images have appeared in magazines and in governmental and institutional project reports. Travel has taken me to China, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Canadian north and to the United Kingdom.

David Ryan Photography

David Ryan

David Ryan

Boise, United States

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I have more than forty years experience as a travel and stock photographer with a huge collection of images. My work usually has a very strong graphic impact and is often used where eye catching appeal is needed and wanted. I have an especially strong collection of people photos and portraits.

Abstract Lucidity - Photography By Shannon Hudnell

Abstract Lucidity

Abstract Lucidity

, United States

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Photography has been a big part of my life when my father gave me a 110 film camera when I was eight years old. I was schooled in photography in both creative aspects as well as a military photojournalist perspective.

It is my belief is that loving what you do is a fundamental part of success. Representing the most cherished memories of couples, children, families, and pets is very important to me. Nature is my favorite subject, as there are no expectations and often unexpected surprises. To me, candid shots as opposed to posed, are the best and most admired of all of the work that I do.

Double S Posure Photography

Stan Wojtaszek

Stan Wojtaszek

Baie Verte, Canada

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Double S Posure Photography, a father and son photography team, concentrates on capturing all the beauty nature has to offer.

Lisa Missenda Photography

Lisa Missenda

Lisa Missenda

Waldorf, United States

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I graduated with a BA from Pennsylvania State University. I received a liberal arts education with an emphasis in photography and art. In 2009, I became ACE Certified in Photoshop.

I have worked for the last 20 years in the photographic industry as a custom printer and digital technician. Currently, I provide photographic support for DAAS Wuz Up Entertainment in Fort Washington, MD. This position includes studio and location photography for print and web design work. From my relationship with DAAS Wuz Up Entertainment, I have gained jobs for the Howard Theather Preservation Project and the Anthony Motley Campaign.

I shoot digital and film, DSLR, 35mm and 4x5(Field Camera) transparency and negative, color and Black and White.

Johnny Aguirre

Johnny Aguirre

Johnny Aguirre

San Jose, Costa Rica

Click for abstract portfolio

Photographer with experience in portrait , nature , assignments , please feel free to contact me with your inquiries.

Christopher B Smyth Photography

Christopher Smyth

Christopher Smyth

Calgary, Canada

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Amazing photograper as per others

Don Jacobson Photography

Don Jacobson

Don Jacobson

Portland, United States

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I have been photographing for over forty years. I studied with Edmund Teske at UCLA. I specialize in nature, architecture and abstracts. Most of my nature photographs are from the American West and New England in the fall. The architectural work I have done has centered on Portland, OR and I have a series of photographs I took at the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Barre, VT. I have also created digitally manipulated fine art images.

Byrd's Images

Christopher Byrd

Christopher Byrd

Kelowna, Canada

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A freelance photographer based in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Now retired, I have been a teacher of photography, cinematography, and graphic design for over 30 years. As a photographic artist my themes are wide ranging and include landscapes, nature, abstract design, and travel including archaeological sites. I’m not a purist but rather an artist and will consider altering an image in order to achieve more satisfying results particularly of a poetic nature.

Arni Katz Studio, Inc.

Arni Katz

Arni Katz

Atlanta, United States

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I've been behind a camera professionally since 1972.

One of my earliest memories was picking up my mother's huge 6X8 Kodak bellows camera and setting off the shutter and flashbulb at age three.

My career spans photojournalism, combat photography, feature and documentary cinematography and commercial/advertising photography. I founded a digital effects studio, Dreamtime Systems in 1991.

I am a serving officer in the United States Military Reserves. Sensitive or classified assignments are not a problem. United States or NATO allied nations only.

State of the art digital studio with editing, effects and retouching located in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Thanks for looking!

Marian Turcan Photography

Marian Turcan

Marian Turcan

Clemson, United States

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I am a freelance photographer. Offering photographic services to the people who need it. The following on location photography can be provided:

Weddings,Child and maternity,Pet,Portraits,Landscape,Macro and product.

Reasonable prices a la carte options and packages available. Very flexible and customizable options.

Elizabeth Chute Photography

Elizabeth Chute

Elizabeth Chute

Empress, Canada

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From majestic mountains to secret miracles discovered through the world of macro images, beauty surrounds us. It is my joy and privilege as a photographer to capture those special moments that touch our hearts and souls with wonder.

Photos have been published in newspapers, magazines, field guides, catalogues and brochures, as well as in textbooks and as book covers.

The images shown are only a small sample of the range available.

please contact me if you are looking for something specific.

Hear2heaL PhotoArt

Gregg & Sindi Short

Gregg & Sindi Short

Victorville, United States

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Photography has been a life long passion for us. Together we have followed the street fair and art festival circuit until opening 'the shop' in the summer of 2008. Our success has been primarily retail, offering our photographs as art. Since opening the studio, we have increased our skill in the area of portrait photography, and especially love photographing animals with their owners. We began selling stock photographs in 2005 and look forward to an increased opportunity with Photographers Direct.

Fever Photography

Judy Gardner

Judy Gardner

Tampa, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

I am a Florida based freelance photographer specializing in candid portraiture, lifestyle. Although I cover a wide range of subjects and am open to any assignment I am currently primarily picturing landscapes, flowers and people (lifestyles and portraits).If you do a stock search under my name "Judy Gardner" it will bring up about another 100 images, as portfolios are limited to 100 images.

Migrate Design

Geraldine Jouvin

Geraldine Jouvin

Los Angeles, United States

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Migrate Design specializes in photos shot with an artistic point of view. Macro photography and close ups let you discover the world from a different angle.

Great for advertising purposes, graphic design or display for the pleasure of the eye.

Images can really be stronger than words!

Browse the gallery or contact me for special requests.

Caribbean Colours

Chester Williams

Chester Williams

Castries, St Lucia

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I've been a professional photographer for the past 15 years. For the past 6 years, I shot mostly weddings. My work has been featured on the cover, with a further 14 photographs on inside pages, of the May 2003 issue of Hello Magazine showcasing the wedding of Perry Fenwick and Angela Lonsdale.I have shot the owner of Sandals Resorts, Mr Gordon Stewart, for Travel Agent Magazine and the offical portrait of Nobel Laurate Derek Walcott, which has been used worldwide. I have shot several "Girlie" and landscape calenders for both local and regional companies.

For the past 2 years, I have focused on shooting stock of the island and currently use Canon digital equiptment. I have travelled to several other Caribbean islands including Barbados, Dominica and Grenada on assignment.

Ron&ron Photography

Ron Rochon

Ron Rochon

Windsor, Canada

Click for abstract portfolio

The idea came to my head and the picture moved into the viewfinder. That is what it is like when you watch some of the movies, but that is what happens when I photograph for my projects. There is the technical parts you need to know, but then there is the interpretation of what is going to happen and letting it develop into the scene.

I feel accomplished photographing architecture, portrait, advertising and product photography. Working the scene with sketches or story boards from the client is fulfilling and then there are times the scene needs to be found through interpretation.

The scene can take time and through the knowledge the results are achieved in a good production.

My work in graphic design, illustration and printing for advertising has kept me involved in specifications for production and quality. I use Photoshop as my darkroom for white balance, color correction and managing RGB to CMYK specifications. Many other programs are used to produce PDF, slides, DVD and movie productions.

My primary camera system is the Canon EOS digital, with macro, wide angle and telephoto lenses. Lighting is set up for studio and on location productions. Macintosh computers manage the programs and data filing for delivering and producing on the internet.

The “Design and Photography” course at the Ontario College of Art expanded my experiences from working in newspapers and store window displays. Before I setup ron&ron photography, I worked for architects, industrial designers, interior designers and book publishers.

In my work vision, I do not categorize the scene. I could be at the stadium and I photograph a soccer player, then turn around and shoot a portrait of someone as well as a person eating at a meal. I call it compositions, but then we could say they are sports, portrait and food shots.

Geographically, I photograph in Windsor and Toronto, Ontario, Canada and some professional time in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit Michigan USA.

Chris Barton Photographer

Chris Barton

Chris Barton

Vancouver, Canada

Click for abstract portfolio

With twenty years of travel photography experience, from the Equator to Antarctica, British photographer Chris Barton is used to living and working in extreme conditions.

Progressing from many years with manual focus 35mm and medium-format panoramic film cameras, he has made the switch to digital with no regrets. Having worked as a expedition leader in Africa and the Middle East and travelled independently as far afield as South and Central America, the Canadian Rockies and American Pacific Northwest, Antarctica, Easter Island and Madagascar, he is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

A Lingering Eclipse™ Studio

Margaret M. Savino

Margaret M. Savino

Northwoods, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Member: APA Advertisting Photographers of America

Member: ASPP American Society of Picture Professionals

Member: SAA Stock Artists Alliance

ADOBE Photographers Directory

Adv. Master Gardener Cert.

Innovative images, concept design and technical precision are the hallmarks of my work. I specialize in MULTI-CULTURAL images, Aerial, Advertising, Corporate PORTRAITURE natural & authentic capturing innuendo & unique aspects of people & cultures as well as urban & rural landscapes, scenic environments; Extensive experience shooting still-life, close-up macro and nature photography. My images are useful for museum, educational, editorial, corporate & advertising needs. Please refer to my stock listing page, A Lingering Eclipse Studio, on this website to view more images/information

Alfonso Bresciani Photography

Alfonso Bresciani

Alfonso Bresciani

New Orleans, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

A great job of passion and patience has allowed Alfonso Bresciani to succeed in little time to re-invent windsurfing photography and conquering a place on the scene of worldwide reputation photographers. Pompo’s photographs have appeared on the pages of many worldwide magazines, brochures and publications.Pompo has gone still beyond: He has photographed before anyone, the place where the high waves are born, where man had never ridden the surf. This fantastic place called “Jaws” or "Peahi" always remained secretly guarded by the Native Hawaiians. No one was allowed to take risks. Successfully, he arrived on the scene capturing the images on film, which are now part of windsurfing history. Today this photographer of exceptional works resides in Louisiana where he captures its spirit, natura

BingBang Vision

Beaudoin Jean

Beaudoin Jean

Sherbrooke, Canada

Click for abstract portfolio

My work for two years revolves around the lomography,

the return to the sources of low - fi photography.

It is generally marketed devices by the Lomographic Society International.

These are rather cheap devices.

In addition to the low - fi develops in photography a stream attached to the style

obtained from large film equipment consumption appeared as early as the 1970s,

and the use of treatment departing voluntarily of the standard results.

It is often called lomography,because of the preponderance that took

in this mouvemennt devices


Earth Moods Photography

Bill Morgenstern

Bill Morgenstern

Kerrville, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Bill Morgenstern creates images reflecting and interpreting, wildlife, nature, and natural subjects. Dramatic lighting and textures are his hallmark. Documentary to creatively impressionistic is his style.

Bill supplies a wide range of creative images with an outdoor and nature orientation to both editorial and advertising users. Subjects include Midwest US, Canadian and Scandinavian scenic, water in all forms, birds, insects (specializing in dragonflies), wildlife, wildflowers including orchids, trees and plants, still life, farming and agriculture, sport fishing, timber industry, geology and mining, ecosystems and habitats, environment, active people in the outdoors, travel photography.

Ilene Perlman Photography

Ilene Perlman

Ilene Perlman

Boston, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Ilene Perlman is a veteran photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Boston.

With wide experience working for magazines, international organizations, travel companies, and corporate/foundation clients, her photojournalistic style brings a fresh eye to every assignment. Ilene is available for all special events, corporate events, publications and advertising needs. Ilene's personable disposition sets people at ease allowing her to capture their very essence.

Chuck Eckert Photography

Chuck Eckert

Chicago, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

I have thousands of images available that were take while living in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois. Most images are outdoor stock shots of people, plants, trees, animals, oceans, streams, sports, travel etc. I'm currently shooting with a Nikon D-300 and use only the finest Nikon lenses. If you don't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact me through this website.

Art By Beth Pauvlinch

Beth Pauvlinch

St Petersburg, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Coming Soon

Skip Dean: Photographer

Skip Dean

Toronto, Canada

Click for abstract portfolio

Skip Dean is a professional photographer from North America, living in Toronto,Canada.

Skip has work for over 20 years specializing in Food / Beverage, Medical, photography for design firms and advertising agencies.

Skip Dean:Photographer and our PhotoStock library has close to 17,000 images on file covering areas such as: food and beverage, still life,lifestyles and animals.

Adrian Bodek Photography

Adrian Bodek

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Click for abstract portfolio

I live in a little town called Tepoztlan, 40 miles from Mexico City and 10 miles from Cuernavaca.

I have worked in comercial, editorial and fine art photography for over 35 years.

William Raco Photography

William Raco

State College, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

I have been involved with photography for over 35 years.

I currently photograph weddings, events, high school senior photos, and sell stock images and fine art prints. My photos have been used in magazines, newspapers and on book covers.

I work as a sports photography stringer for the local newspaper.

I do volunteer photography work for several local non profit organizations, including a county nursing home working with staff and residents.

I teach beginner workshops and give lessons to groups and individuals.

Maji Media

Rob Holt

Sacramento, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

San Francisco Bay Area photographer covering sporting events, trade shows and corporate imagery needs. Let me know what you are looking for or need and I will be honest about what I can and can not fulfill.

Paul's Colorado Photography

Paul Gana

Denver, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

I started photographing Colorado's landscapes as a means of documenting my climbs of the state's many majestic mountains. Over time I realized that the state's scenery was worth sharing. What a more perfect place than Colorado can there be. I have heard Colorado being referred to as 'Gods Country', and in the words of the great Teddy Roosevelt when on a tour of this state referred to it as a place that "Bankrupts the English language!". I couldn't agree more.

Most of my photography is self taught through trial and error, being error mostly, but I have gone 2 years to the Art Institute of Colorado working on a degree in photography

Natural Life Photography

John Higby

Eugene, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

30 years experience as an amateur photographer. In 2007, he decided to move to the next level. My Commercial work includes: Fine Art Reproductions, Jewelry, Products & Food. My Artistic work focuses on the Flora, Landscape and Micology of the Pacific Northwest. Other interest's include Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons and Red Rock Canyons of the Southwest. Abstracts from any source are a continuing source of interest and expression.

Available for assignments in the Pacific Northwest.

Anthony M. Davis

Anthony Davis

Charlottesville, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Accomplished photographer and author with a diverse international background. Will shoot commercial and industrial, nature and prefers to image issues that make a difference.

A retired maritime investigator, now looking at the creative side of life.

Guy Labissonnière Photography

Guy Labissonnière

Montreal, Canada

Click for abstract portfolio

High end events - corporate events - corporate portraiture - interiors - industrial photography - artist portrait - fine art photography - advertizing photography with portable wireless lighting equipment - food - child

Ed Book Photo

Ed Book

Silverdale, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Ed Book is a freelance nature, location, and travel photographer with over thirty years photography experience.

He makes his home on the Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound, Washington state and travels throughout the United States following mother nature's displays.

Fluent in Photoshop and other digital imaging software, he teaches workshops and individuals digital imaging and nature photography.

He writes about and displays his work in a photo blog in which he has posted regularly for the past seven years.

all images ©EdBookPhoto (all rights reserved)

|...may Peace live in your heart...

Bryan Smith Photography

Bryan Smith

Leonardtown, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

I have extensive experience shooting from tactical jet aircraft, wide angle as well as standard zoom. Most of my portfolio is aviation from inside the cockpit. I am branching out in all directions as much as possible.

James Jackson Photography

James Jackson

Philadelphia, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Photography as both an art form and a communications tool is more important in the age of digital and wireless than at any other time in history. We now increasingly turn to the instant reception of information allowed by the visual representation of thoughts and ideas rather than trying to communicate those same thoughts through words. Language barriers are easily overcome with images, and during this time of globalization, it is becoming a key issue to communicate through image effectively. It is the skill of photographers that allows this communication to happen and the talent of these artists to transmit a clear message.

James Jackson has been communicating his message through photography since 1995 in a professional and artistic manner.

Giammarino & Dworkin

Tony Giammarino

Washington, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Tony has been working in the field of photography for more then 25 yrs., working with multi-formats in film . Working in digital for the last 5 years. Honing his skills in post-digital editing . Tony has worked with his partner / producer/stylist for more then 20years .

Fields of expertise in Architectural design ,interior design, illustration, product and still-life photography. Over the years Giammarino & Dworkin have archived a n extensive library of film & digital imagery for commericial use.

Living Wilderness Photography

Kevin Ebi

Seattle, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

I'm a nature, travel and wildlife photographer based near Seattle, but I've covered half the US states, western Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Iceland. I authored a photography book that traces the cycle of water and was the featured photographer in a book documenting wildlife in the Seattle Arboretum. My images have also been used by National Geographic to promote ecotourism, Outdoor Photographer, and Lonely Planet travel guides, among other publications.

Murray Bloom Photography

Murray Bloom

Baltimore, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in photography, my philosophy of image-making revolves around seeing the ordinary in new and unique ways; as well as producing images of the highest possible visual quality.

Having spent many years as a commercial photographer, specializing in catalog, advertising and promotional photography, I developed a high standard of visual quality and a deep understanding of the interaction of light and surface, color and tone.

As a rule, I try to avoid the "typical" treatments and subjects so common to art photography, both in and out of the studio. I believe that no matter what the subject may be, the image should incorporate beauty and technical fluency.

Cuban Special Photography Service

Michael Vazquez

Havana, Cuba

Click for abstract portfolio

Fotografo aficionado con más de 40 años de experiencia.

Fui miembro del Club Fotografico de Cuba y actualmente colaboro con la Fototeca de Cuba Miembro del Special Photographys Cuban Service SERVICIO CUBANO DE FOTOGRAFIAS ESPECIALES (CSFS)

Le brindamos fotografías especiales por encargo en áreas como el turismo, la arquitectura, la fotografía industrial, obras de arte, retratos, ceremonias religiosas y otras, en la zona de la Ciudad de la Habana.

Costo Mínimo- 20 Fotos por 100.oo Cuc ( Pesos Cubanos Convertibles)

Proimages Communications

Darrin Nupuf

Los Angeles, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

Darrin Nupuf was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began his art career in early 1985 exploring a passion for photography and design. In 1986 he started Progressive Images offering illustration, color separation, silk screen, and design services. Darrin also worked in the print industry as a dark room technician.

Darrin soon started working in the motion picture industry as a set decorator and Sign-

writer Local 729. Progressive Images evolved into prop-making and 3D animation boutique. At this point in his career he become immersed in high-end 3D and motion graphic design.

In 1995 Progressive Images evolved into Proimages and began offering advanced design and Photography.

4Pi-VR Media Solutions

John Riley

Spartanburg, United States

Click for abstract portfolio

My interest in photography came in a roundabout manner. Trained as a physicist, I learned photography in order to create my own media for an electronic physics laboratory manual I was writing. I initially engaged in studio work to shoot QuickTime VR object-spin movies, progressed to shooting interactive VR panoramas, then to general landscape and street photography. My present specialties are high-resolution stitched panoramic landscapes (up to several gigapixels in size), spherical panoramas (360° around and from up to down), and VR object-spin movies for museum artifacts or commercial products. I apply my skills from gigapixel panos to created high-resolution images of flat artwork (paintings, graffiti, etc.) I am based in the southeastern US, but travel regularly to Central America.

Miron PhotoArt

Miron Abramovici

Berkeley Heights, United States

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I am an award-winning photographer (see a partial list of awards below) and I was selected as the NJ Artist of the Month for January 2011. My skills span a wide spectrum, from abstract and surrealism to portraits and model portfolios.

I am a volunteer photographer for Special Olympics - a world-wide organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities to succeed in life by involving them in sport activities - and Flashes of Hopes - an organization helping children with cancer. I am also available for weddings and other events.

Sargent Stock Image Resource

Gary Sargent

Richmond, United States

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In addition to our own photograhpy, we act as an agent for numerous other photographers.

If you have specific photographic needs please contact us.


Our photography studio offers a wide variety of photographic services. The services include, but are not limited to: stock photography nature photography architectural photography macro photography annual reports photojournalistic assignments commercial travel photography custom assignments

Wayne Cook Fine Art Photography

Wayne Cook

Sudbury, Canada

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I started taking photographs of rural landscapes in 1961 using my fathers Kodak Brownie, some 50 years ago. In 1964, I was given a Leica M3 which I used until 1969. That year, I began to experiment with Poloraid cameras. By 1978, I had aquired a Canon 35 mm camera, which I used until 1988. Now, I use a Nikon exclusively. I have been an oil painter since the 1970s and my father taught me some skills in etching on copper. I have also experimented with some sculpture in wood. My focus has been Muskoka and my aboriginal roots and heritage from northern Ontario. I am of Metis heritage, along with Scottish, English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish (Canada 1640’s maternal family members). My roots have been traced back to Spain in 1492, where my family were Merchant Bankers, Merchants and land

White Bison Design (DWC Inc)

Patrick Boening

Toronto, Canada

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Patrick J. Boening, aka White Bison, is a Canadian photographer and lecturer in photography, photo techniques and Photo-Shop. He worked for numerous worldwide known magazines and newspapers in Europe, Israel, USA, Australia and India. He exhibits his work regularly in Germany, Israel, Canada, Italy and the USA.

His images can be found in calendars, books, catalogs, record covers, and galleries as well as on the World Wide Web and in many private collections around the globe.

Daniel J. Marquis Photography

Daniel Marquis

Portland, United States

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Specializing in outdoor and nature photography as well as architectural photography. Dan Marquis serves as photo editor of Lewiston Auburn Magazine, and is a contributing photographer, with several cover photos to his credit. Dan has also had several photos published in Nature Photographer Magazine.

Dan also shows and sells his work in his home town at galleries, as well as to art services hired to place art in hotels, hospital, and other institutions.

An avid kayaker, Dan routinely takes his camera on paddling excursions to capture images with a unique perspective

Ixchel Ripp

Ixchel Ripp

Black Earth, United States

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Nature and macro

LiteHouse Photography

Charles S Powell

Raleigh, United States

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Creative photographer/photojournalist with an eclectic eye for and from a variety of subjects and influences.


Gary Wohlgeschaffen

Halifax, Canada

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Gary Wohlgeschaffen has taken 35mm negative and slide film, but now shoots digital exclusively. Subjects include weddings, birds, plants and animals, insects, still life, scenery and portraits.

SDC Photography

Susan Candelario

, United States

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I am a freelance photographer specializing in fine art, stock image/video clip footage licensing and commercial assignments.

My image galleries include an extensive variety of subjects, destinations and themes, such as landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, vintage, city skylines, flowers, travel, nature, architecture, landmarks, and more.

To view most of my images available for licensing or as fine art prints you may visit my online galleries at my website Susan Candelario | SDC Photography.

Lora Grigorova Photographer

Lora Grigorova

Oaxaca, Mexico

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A 24 year old photographer and videographer born in Bulgaria, raised in Portugal, educated in Spain and currently residing in Mexico. I do all sorts of photography, but I focus mainly on street-photography, documental photography, fashion photography, candid photography and photojournalism.

Jen White Studios & Photography

Jennifer Schmeets

Longview, United States

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I am a photographer of ten years with an extensive artistic and candid image archive to compliment my portraiture.

The Impressionists

Tyrrell Mendis

Winnipeg, Canada

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My images record what now is and will never be again: specific truths of the moment.

My touring show of pioneer places of worship in Manitoba preserves the spirit of each place; the 2-D extrapolation of the motivation for the 3-D creations.

Over 50 exhibitions, 26 solo. Over 30 AV productions.

Organised multicultural festivals for arts groups.

Published three books of poetry, most recent illustrated with own images.

Maria Tarasoff Photography

Maria Tarasoff

Vancouver, Canada

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Geri Scull Photography

Geraldine Scull

, United States

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I have had many covers of local magazines, I am a member and high ranking seller on Fine Art America, I primarily travel around New Jersey and surrounding areas ! I enjoy landscape, floral, macro, creative photography ! I usually visit local historic sites and landmarks ! I have been enjoying very lucrative photography sales for over twenty years ~ It is more than a hobby and a business it is a passion ~ Thank you for visiting my site and please contact me if you have any questions ~ Geraldine Scull

Industrial (79)

Infrared (10)

Insect (74)

Interior (85)

Landscape (237)

Leisure (76)

Lifestyle (110)

Lingerie/swimwear (32)

Literature/author (15)

Macro (85)

Magazine (89)

Marine/marine Life (36)

Medical (34)

Military (23)

Mining (3)

Model (64)

Mountaineering (30)

Music (55)

Nature (207)

News (44)

Night (72)

Nude (44)

Occult/paranormal (7)

Packshot (4)

Panoramic (70)

Passport Photo (6)

People (154)

Pet (72)

Photojournalism (97)

Pinhole (1)

Polar (9)

Politics (25)

Portrait (150)

PR (38)

Pregnancy (32)

Product (84)

Real Estate (77)

Relationships (33)

Religion (43)

Reportage (30)

Royalty (10)

School (13)

Science (39)

Shopping (13)

Special F/x (15)

Sports (89)

Still Life (105)

Stock (166)

Studio (69)

Tabletop (65)

Television (17)

Theatre (30)

Time Lapse (15)

Transport (36)

Travel (202)

Underwater (14)

Video (29)

War/conflict (10)

Weather (59)

Wedding (69)

Wildlife (139)

Winter Sports (37)

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