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blue star Robert Leon Photographer

Robert Leon

Robert Leon

Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver Canada based photographer with 33-years professional working experience specializing in documentary photography, photojournalism, travel-photojournalism, corporate annual reports, advertising photography and film/video.

blue star Frank Nowikowski Photography

Frank Nowikowski

Frank Nowikowski

Mexico City, Mexico

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Professional photographer with many years of experience.

Editorial work has appeared in publications like: National Geographic, Photography magazine Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography, South, Stern (Ger), National Enquirer, Geographical magazine, Bild (Ger), Music Teacher (Aus), Sun, Business Mexico, The News (Mex), Buenos Aires Herald, Latin Trade, The Scotsman, Daily Record, Scottish Field, In Britain, The Lady, Saga, Business Traveler, Executive Travel, Healthy Living, Animal World, Environment Now, WWF News and in numerous books.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson Stock Photo Library

Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Minneapolis, United States

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#1 International Bestselling Author & National Award-Winning Author Wildlife Photographer

Specialities: Bald eagles, wildlife behavior, animals, wildlife documentaries, nature, food, travel, leisure, lifestyles, Americana, more.

Member American Society of Media Photographer (ASMP)
Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™

Photo collection includes: 1000+ Historical photos circulation 1890+, 20,000 B&W, 1 million digital images,
films, animations, and shorts: WIP: Nitoti™, Carpie Koi™, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™, Lightning Delivery, more.


Roy Langstaff

Roy Langstaff

Vancouver, Canada

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My earlier background in the field of engineering design leads me to create images having simplicity, structure, geometric qualities, and an air of abstraction whenever these properties are at hand. For all of those other times when form is not the main subject, I strive to create striking images using the available visual components within the scene. Many of my images have appeared in magazines and in governmental and institutional project reports. Travel has taken me to China, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Canadian north and to the United Kingdom.

Digital Image Now

Sandy Tyler

Sandy Tyler

Poughkeepsie, United States

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I have been photographing images for over 30 years. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography in New York,New York. I photograph events in New York and surrounding areas. My recent events have been Saratoga Race Tracks, New York Rodeos and Tourist destinations including Empire State Plaza and Bash Bish and Niagara Falls. I have many images of rural America including farm scenes, Americana and everyday life in upstate New York. I also have many travel photos including Florida,Canada and Bershires. I have recently enjoyed macro photography photographing insects of North America. I am available for assignments in the United States.

Paul Nichol Photography

Paul Nichol

Paul Nichol

Detroit, United States

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Thirty years of corporate and customer service experience means you get a professional, service oriented, reliable and capable photographer that never promises more than will be delivered.

You and I are both busy. No BS. If the assignment is not a good fit, I'll tell you and we'll both move on.

Arni Katz Studio, Inc.

Arni Katz

Arni Katz

Atlanta, United States

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I've been behind a camera professionally since 1972.

One of my earliest memories was picking up my mother's huge 6X8 Kodak bellows camera and setting off the shutter and flashbulb at age three.

My career spans photojournalism, combat photography, feature and documentary cinematography and commercial/advertising photography. I founded a digital effects studio, Dreamtime Systems in 1991.

I am a serving officer in the United States Military Reserves. Sensitive or classified assignments are not a problem. United States or NATO allied nations only.

State of the art digital studio with editing, effects and retouching located in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Thanks for looking!

Elizabeth Chute Photography

Elizabeth Chute

Elizabeth Chute

Empress, Canada

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From majestic mountains to secret miracles discovered through the world of macro images, beauty surrounds us. It is my joy and privilege as a photographer to capture those special moments that touch our hearts and souls with wonder.

Photos have been published in newspapers, magazines, field guides, catalogues and brochures, as well as in textbooks and as book covers.

The images shown are only a small sample of the range available.

please contact me if you are looking for something specific.

Caribbean Colours

Chester Williams

Chester Williams

Castries, St Lucia

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I've been a professional photographer for the past 15 years. For the past 6 years, I shot mostly weddings. My work has been featured on the cover, with a further 14 photographs on inside pages, of the May 2003 issue of Hello Magazine showcasing the wedding of Perry Fenwick and Angela Lonsdale.I have shot the owner of Sandals Resorts, Mr Gordon Stewart, for Travel Agent Magazine and the offical portrait of Nobel Laurate Derek Walcott, which has been used worldwide. I have shot several "Girlie" and landscape calenders for both local and regional companies.

For the past 2 years, I have focused on shooting stock of the island and currently use Canon digital equiptment. I have travelled to several other Caribbean islands including Barbados, Dominica and Grenada on assignment.

Chris Barton Photographer

Chris Barton

Chris Barton

Vancouver, Canada

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With twenty years of travel photography experience, from the Equator to Antarctica, British photographer Chris Barton is used to living and working in extreme conditions.

Progressing from many years with manual focus 35mm and medium-format panoramic film cameras, he has made the switch to digital with no regrets. Having worked as a expedition leader in Africa and the Middle East and travelled independently as far afield as South and Central America, the Canadian Rockies and American Pacific Northwest, Antarctica, Easter Island and Madagascar, he is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Alfonso Bresciani Photography

Alfonso Bresciani

Alfonso Bresciani

New Orleans, United States

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A great job of passion and patience has allowed Alfonso Bresciani to succeed in little time to re-invent windsurfing photography and conquering a place on the scene of worldwide reputation photographers. Pompo’s photographs have appeared on the pages of many worldwide magazines, brochures and publications.Pompo has gone still beyond: He has photographed before anyone, the place where the high waves are born, where man had never ridden the surf. This fantastic place called “Jaws” or "Peahi" always remained secretly guarded by the Native Hawaiians. No one was allowed to take risks. Successfully, he arrived on the scene capturing the images on film, which are now part of windsurfing history. Today this photographer of exceptional works resides in Louisiana where he captures its spirit, natura

Chuck Eckert Photography

Chuck Eckert

Chicago, United States

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I have thousands of images available that were take while living in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois. Most images are outdoor stock shots of people, plants, trees, animals, oceans, streams, sports, travel etc. I'm currently shooting with a Nikon D-300 and use only the finest Nikon lenses. If you don't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact me through this website.


Robert VanDerWal

Denver, United States

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I have been capturing images since 1968 as a high school yearbook/newpaper photographer. For twenty one years my video production company, with myself as videographer and videotape editor, serviced the likes of CBS, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, Harpo Productions, and Reuters. The majority of my clients were however Colorado based companies that needed video production for advertising, marketing, training, and public, employee, or client information. Now I aspire to apply my skills, again, toward photography focused on individual images that capture your attention, tell a story, arouse imagination or bring back a memory, and are enjoyable to look at time and again.

Put my years of experience to work for you! Please provide enough lead time to fullfill your goals.

Anthony M. Davis

Anthony Davis

Charlottesville, United States

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Accomplished photographer and author with a diverse international background. Will shoot commercial and industrial, nature and prefers to image issues that make a difference.

A retired maritime investigator, now looking at the creative side of life.

Black Mountain Pictures

Lawrence Montenegro

El Paso, United States

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I've been shooting professionally for over 5 years. I am a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography. I do product photography, weddings, events, on-site event/action photography along with on-site printing, landscapes, animals, people, sports, portraits. Most of my landscape and animal/nature shots are from Southwest New Mexico and West Texas.

Dodie Ulery Photography

Dodie Ulery

Orlando, United States

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Award winning artist and freelance photographer. Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, 1996, and participated in the Canon Photography Masters Program, 1998. My images have appeard in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION websites and publications, AUDUBON SOCIETY websites and publications, GRIT MAGAZINE, PANGAIA MAGAZINE, FLORIDA GARDENING, FLORIDA GARDENER as well as many other mainstream publications. My cover images include BIRD TIMES MAGAZINE, FLORIDA GARDENING, CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, GRIT MAGAZINE, ORMOND MAGAZINE and DAYTONA SUN TIMES.

Travel Scenes By Tommie Sue

Tommie Sue Montgomery

Toronto, Canada

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Photography began as a hobby, became an important adjunct to my research in Latin America, and has become a near-vocation in retirement. Most photos in my books, notably "Revolution in El Salvador", are mine. They have also illustrated travel and other articles. In recent years I have traveled through most of Latin America--from Mexico to Cape Horn--as well as most countries of western Europe, eastern Canada, and occasionally the USA. My portfolio reflects all of these locales. I love capturing people, archaeological sites, wildlife(especially birds), landscapes, and interesting buildings. I use a Nikon D-90 with 4 lenses. Jan-March 2012 in northwestern Argentina, Brazil from south to north, and the western Caribbean. Dec 2012-Jan 2013 Southern Cone, Caribbean, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.

Proimages Communications

Darrin Nupuf

Los Angeles, United States

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Darrin Nupuf was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began his art career in early 1985 exploring a passion for photography and design. In 1986 he started Progressive Images offering illustration, color separation, silk screen, and design services. Darrin also worked in the print industry as a dark room technician.

Darrin soon started working in the motion picture industry as a set decorator and Sign-

writer Local 729. Progressive Images evolved into prop-making and 3D animation boutique. At this point in his career he become immersed in high-end 3D and motion graphic design.

In 1995 Progressive Images evolved into Proimages and began offering advanced design and Photography.

Sargent Stock Image Resource

Gary Sargent

Richmond, United States

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In addition to our own photograhpy, we act as an agent for numerous other photographers.

If you have specific photographic needs please contact us.


Our photography studio offers a wide variety of photographic services. The services include, but are not limited to: stock photography nature photography architectural photography macro photography annual reports photojournalistic assignments commercial travel photography custom assignments

Cathy Bernardy Photography

Cathy Bernardy Jones

Minneapolis, United States

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I worked for a classic rock/record collector magazine for eight years, where I honed my skills in live concert shooting. Among my stock are many '80s and '90s rock bands.

I am from the Midwest, so I also have a variety of rural subject matter, from horses & fluffy cows to Lake Superior & shipping to winter shots.

Contact me with your needs. I'm near Iowa, have family in South Dakota and friends in Wisconsin, so travel likely can be arranged.

Johnna Haskell Photos

Johnna Haskell

Carrabassett Valley, United States

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I love to photograph wildlife, natural landscapes, and Maine scenes and the challenge of photographying cabins for real estate.

RockALittle Photography

Fred Moore

Toronto, Canada

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Toronto Photographer specialized in Glamour, portrait, nudes, private photoshoots capturing the "Sexy" side of all subjects. Everyone has beauty bo matter age, size, or looks. It is my photography skills that will capture this in you.

The Impressionists

Tyrrell Mendis

Winnipeg, Canada

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My images record what now is and will never be again: specific truths of the moment.

My touring show of pioneer places of worship in Manitoba preserves the spirit of each place; the 2-D extrapolation of the motivation for the 3-D creations.

Over 50 exhibitions, 26 solo. Over 30 AV productions.

Organised multicultural festivals for arts groups.

Published three books of poetry, most recent illustrated with own images.

Industrial (80)

Infrared (10)

Insect (74)

Interior (85)

Landscape (237)

Leisure (75)

Lifestyle (109)

Lingerie/swimwear (32)

Literature/author (14)

Macro (85)

Magazine (89)

Marine/marine Life (36)

Medical (34)

Military (23)

Mining (3)

Model (64)

Mountaineering (30)

Music (54)

Nature (206)

News (44)

Night (71)

Nude (44)

Occult/paranormal (7)

Packshot (4)

Panoramic (70)

Passport Photo (6)

People (153)

Pet (72)

Photojournalism (96)

Pinhole (1)

Polar (9)

Politics (25)

Portrait (149)

PR (38)

Pregnancy (32)

Product (83)

Real Estate (77)

Relationships (33)

Religion (43)

Reportage (30)

Royalty (10)

School (13)

Science (39)

Shopping (13)

Special F/x (15)

Sports (89)

Still Life (105)

Stock (166)

Studio (69)

Tabletop (65)

Television (17)

Theatre (29)

Time Lapse (16)

Transport (36)

Travel (201)

Underwater (14)

Video (29)

War/conflict (10)

Weather (59)

Wedding (69)

Wildlife (138)

Winter Sports (37)

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