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We have the best Elderly People photographers based in Europe available for you to hire right now!

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Matching Portfolios:

blue star Anders Carlsson Photography ACP

Anders Carlsson

Anders Carlsson

Ängelholm, Sweden

Click for elderly people portfolio

Having spent eight of the last 25 years travelling through 80 countries, my photo stock make up around 50 000 images from all over the world. Among other things, a two year bicycle expedition around the planet. Working as a freelance photographer with my own company I am focusing on travel, weddings, reportage and commercial. Also create image collections, ready to use for certain reports and stories. Winner in the European Photographic Competition “One Vision 2004”.

My photos, shot by Leica system with Velvia slidefilm and Canon EOS 5D/1Ds Mark III, have been published among other things in Swedish media, GEO and National Geographic Traveler. Large photo stock on people, city life, travel, outdoor, nature, bicycling, beach, underwater and landscape. Open for worldwide assignments.

blue star Dominik Eckelt Photography

Dominik Eckelt

Stuttgart, Germany

Click for elderly people portfolio

A different way of photography. We specialize in taking pictures other than the rest. Subject does not matter (except adult imagery), we are working closely together with our clients to get the best and most beautiful pictures.

We give special attention to travel imagery, creative work and wedding pictures. Highest possible production quality and fine aesthetics distinguish us from others.

Please have a look at our website to get the idea and some more information.

Our pictures have been sold world wide to notable customers.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

blue star Johnny Greig Ltd

Johnny Greig

Johnny Greig

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Johnny Greig is a London based with over 15 years experience, working for international advertising, corporate and editorial clients shooting People, Still Life, Landscape and Travel photography.

blue star Anas Akkawi Photography

Anas Akkawi

Anas Akkawi

Brighton, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Professional photographer capable of many types of photography.

Specialized in Architectural and Interior. As well as providing professional photo services for many other photographic categories such as Children, Industrial, cars, Nature and landscape, Commercial, Corporate, Panoramic, Food,portraits, Horse&Equestrian, Travel, Real estate ,Products and Sports.


Brian Anderson

Edinburgh, Scotland

Click for elderly people portfolio

I work mainy in Scotland as a freelance Photographer concentrating on events and festivals in Edinburgh. I have a large collection of pictures of Edinburgh mostly in digital format.

Andy Butler Photography

Andy Butler

Eastbourne, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I am experienced in most types of photography from weddings and portraits to advertising, PR & corporate events and large conferences. Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex I am available for events throughout the south of England.

Oakes Studios Ltd

Graham Oakes

Graham Oakes

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Click for elderly people portfolio

Full time professional photographer.
Creative Commercial Photographer.
over 25 years freelance experience.
Enthusiastic personable and approachable.
Stylish and eye catching memorable and meaningful images.

Public Relations, Corporate , Architectural , Industrial , Editorial , Fashion , Hair ,Portrait , Lifestyle,
Advertising , Press , Portfolio . All undertaken with confidence and professionalism.

We'll shoot anything on Site...or in the Studio.

Simply Pictures

Paul Shaw

Paul Shaw

Exeter, United Kingdom

Click for elderly people portfolio

Simply Pictures was recently created by me to fulfil my passion for photography.

Having been a keen amateur photographer for over 40 years and photographed in over 30 countries around the world throughout that period. I felt it was time to share my hidden talent with the masses.

I spent many years in the British Army working in a variety of areas, and during that time I always had a camera somewhere close to me. My photography has been carried out in a variety of formats from roll film to 35mm and more recently digital which fits into our ever changing world.

Having recently taken early retirement I can now concentrate on my passion for photography, and I am available as a photographer for photo shoots tailor made to individual needs. As well as posed pictures, I find it works well to take a series of random and candid pictures at an event, giving you a large range of photographs to record an event.

Larisa Ion Photography

Larisa Ion

Larisa Ion

Larnaca, Cyprus

Click for elderly people portfolio

Angela Hampton Picture Library

Angela Hampton

Angela Hampton

Chichester, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I am a professional stock photographer with an extensive digital and analogue photolibrary specialising in children, families, animals, travel and the environment. I have a growing collection of english windmills (restored, converted and derelict), postboxes, churches, and pub signs. My images have been appearing in books and magazines worldwide for over 25 years. I am particularly noted for my captivating pictures of children and pets.

My long list of credits range from private commissions to illustrated articles, as well as being sole photographer & co-author of "How To Take Great Family Photos".

Please go to my website to view an extensive range of topics in my collection, as well as those lodged with other agencies: www.ahpl.co.uk

Dumitru Liviu Photography

Dumitru Liviu

Dumitru Liviu

Mioveni, Romania

Click for elderly people portfolio

I'm a Romanian professional photographer and photojournalist, I like to travel and to meet different kind of people from various cultures. The main areas covered by my work are: reportage, documentary, travel photography, architecture, portrait, although I have work in many other fields such as panoramic photography.

Freelance Photographic

Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Zakynthos, Greece

Click for elderly people portfolio

I have a love of wildlife/birds, flora and travel but I will photograph anything of interest as my portfolio shows. I have undertaken a number of private portraits for various clients.

Covered a wedding for elderly clients in a nursing home.

Just lately I have been involved with restoration of old images for a number of clients.


Filip Gierlinski

Filip Gierlinski

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Freelance professional photographer Filip Gierlinski has worked as Filskifoto for over 10 years on a wide range of photography projects, from location, product and stuido based fashion and advertising jobs, to music, events and adventure sports photography.

Recently concentrating on Travel and Reportage.

Filip's experience, ability to deliver and creativeness has gained him many loyal and returning clients. With an eye for detail, good personal skills and a friendly approach, Filip delivers a professional and friendly photographic service.

George Atsametakis Photography

George Atsametakis

George Atsametakis

Athens, Greece

Click for elderly people portfolio

I am a professional photographer based in Athens, Greece, available for photography assignments.

I have been involved in photography for the last thirty five years. My favorite subjects are people, sports, nature, events, although I can deal with a quite wide range of subjects. I am regularly contributing pictures to several Greek magazines. My pictures are also being published all over the world through several picture agencies. My pictures have been distinguished and have won awards in several photo competitions. The last 12 years I worked as the chief technical editor for PhotoNet magazine, testing the majority of professional equipment like cameras, lenses, printers.

SDKB Photography

Scott Brawn

Scott Brawn

Rochester, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I am available for events, product photography, projects and requests around the South of England all year round.

Take a look at some of my images.

Ahti Nigol Photography

Ahti Nigol

Ahti Nigol

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

My name is Ahti and I am a freelance professional photographer with years of experience working for an array of international corporate clients and private individuals.

I specialise in corporate and private events, conferences, weddings, portraits, pr and product photography. I also have a burning passion for food, travel and photography combined.

I am multilingual, I can speak in 5 languages.

I have two eyes, one is for black and white and the other is for colour, but I love both styles equally.

Cristian Mihaila Photography

Mihaila Cristian Ionut

Mihaila Cristian Ionut

Bologna, Italy

Click for elderly people portfolio

I am a freelance photographer from Bologna, Italy.

I specialize in wedding photography; I work mainly in Emilia Romagna but I can offer a full wedding photography service in other regions of Italy and Europe.

I like portrait, landscape and wedding photography and in wedding photographs I love to combine them all.

Saward Photography

Adrian Saward

Adrian Saward

Aberdeen, Scotland

Click for elderly people portfolio

Australian born, living in beautiful Aberdeenshire. Photographer of Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife, Pet Portraits, Family Portraits, Childrens Portraits, Weddings, School Photos etc...

Enjoy all aspects of photography and enjoy delivering final images for customers. Would welcome any requests for specific photos / assignments.

John Roshka Photography

John Roshka

John Roshka

Chisinau, Moldova

Click for elderly people portfolio

I’m an amateur, freelance photographer from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

My art represents images of people, landscapes, nature, social, still life, macro, as well as connection between these forms of existence.

Shooting contrasts from social and natural world is the photographic process I like most. Building compositions through lines, forms, colors as well outlining the beauty where it has fallen are also one of my goals.

As I mostly activate in Republic of Moldova, I try to represent and express it’s social and natural life by photographing infinite diversity of people and it’s natural world from landscapes to wildlife.


Tony Davies-Patrick

Tony Davies-Patrick

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

GLOBETROTTER - Tony Davies-Patrick - author, photographer, cinematographer and global explorer - has been to some of the wildest regions of this planet and has searched across more than 65 different countries.

GLOBETROTTER-WORLD photographs an incredible range of diverse subjects - from cityscapes to landscapes, from insects to elephants. Even extreme adventure sports such as trekking, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and bunji-jumping are on his agenda. He is also experienced in aerial photography from microlights, helicopters and bush planes.

GLOBETROTTER has one of the largest photo libraries in the world that specialises in high quality images of wildlife/landscapes/fishing/ and adventure sports from around the globe. He is also an experienced movie maker and has launched a new series of broadcast-quality adventure fishing videos on DVD.

Steve Turner Photography

Steve Turner

Steve Turner

Peterborough, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Semi pro photgrapher.

Mostly takes photographs of people doing weddings and other events eg. book launches.

Qualified City & guilds, level 2 in photography

Michael Runkel Photographer

Michael Runkel

Michael Runkel

Nuremberg, Germany

Click for elderly people portfolio

I started photographing in 1993, and since then I traveled around the world to more than 130 countries. From the Sahara to the remote jungle areas in Irian Jaya and Borneo, from the glacierworlds of Patagonia to the savannahs of Mongolia.

For assignments in Germany I have a very huge knowledge about beautiful places and locations in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

My picture collection offers more than 330,000 digital and slide images of travel destinations, people, traditional lifestyles, ancient temples and archaeological sites, as well as in-depth coverage of wildlife in its natural habitat, nature close-ups, and scenic landscapes. Please feel free to contact me about upcoming trips or any photo assignment

Gyula Sopronyi Photography

Gyula Sopronyi

Gyula Sopronyi

Budapest, Hungary

Click for elderly people portfolio

Since I decided to be a professional photographer, I always have been searching for human aspects behind exciting visual world. Taking pictures for example of little Vietnamese villages or Turkish bath party I always have been searching for faces, eyes telling history, moments hiding heritage of generations, and was interested in reality reflecting from them.

I'm interested in changes of social role of places, and people behind this process. The series, born in my mind, a picture – realized through human fate and stories. This picture may disappear soon, without any left. I was an employee of the Hungary's most influential political daily newspaper. Nowadays, I'm a freelance photographer.

Alex Orrow Photographer

Alex Orrow

Alex Orrow

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I’ve been a commercial and portrait photographer for 14 years, first in London and now Reigate, Surrey. Shooting locally, across the UK and around the world.

In that time I’ve been lucky enough to work with all sorts of amazing people, from nurses and newborns to sports stars and chief executives, with the odd celebrity chef and prime minister thrown in for good measure.

My work spans everything from corporate marketing to magazine editorials, with specialities in portrait, location, architectural and healthcare photography. I’ve earned the trust of a mix of regular clients, including governmental departments, big multinationals, public bodies and local independent businesses.

Working alone or with art directors and designers, in the studio or in demanding environments, my approach is a

Eric Geidl Photography

Eric Geidl

Eric Geidl

Graz, Austria

Click for elderly people portfolio

I take photos for over 30 years while travelling all over the world. My travels lead from the swamps of the Amazon river to the lucent heights of the Himalaya, from the slums in burning Colombo to Sydney Tower Restaurant.

Whereas travels, situations, landscapes and photojournalism have been my emphasis in earlier years I today focus on portrait, business, industry, fine art and studio photography.

Petar Kurschner Photography

Petar Kurschner

Petar Kurschner

Opatija, Croatia

Click for elderly people portfolio

Award winning freelance photographer/documentary film production /researcher (GEO special, Cosmopolitan, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Die Zeit, Le Mensuel, Reuters, Maybelline Jade, Gloss, ARTE, ZDF, SWR, etc.)

I C Images Ltd

Antony Edwards

Antony Edwards

Manchester, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

20 years experience as freelance photographer, specialising in landscape, travel, nature, architectural, and including commercial, close up, macro, engineering.

Primary aims have been building up own stock library whilst selling to calendar and print markets, and undertaking commercial works when available.

Conversant in all photographic formats and Photoshop.

Present equipment includes medium format, 35mm film and digital, pc's and mac, creo high res scanner and studio lighting.

Travel has included mostly UK and Europe but am interested in local and world wide projects.

Style of work can be viewed in portfolio but basicly looking to produce outstanding imagery that lasts.

Trick Of The Light

Mary Clark

Brighton, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I specialize in producing creative and conceptual images for clients, both in the studio and on location.

My portfolio includes lifestyle pictures of food, drink, cooking, with a feeling for the good life, organic living and gardening, people, children, and family matters, Commissioned or stock landscapes and panoramas include, agriculture, conservation, ecology, domestic animals, travel, and tourism covering villages, mountains, sunsets, sunrises, coastlines, waterways, and weather.

Commercial photography includes health care, manufacturing, retail subjects, and packaging.

My images are used in the leisure industry, in parenting magazines, illustrations for books, and editorial comment, travel brochures, Cd, and DVD video packaging.

I undertake personal injury, and work place photography

Tom Wagner Freelance Photographer

Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Click for elderly people portfolio

Photojournalist since 1982, mainly for magazines. Archive with pictures of the Luxembourg Grand-ducal family and other royals, international politics and travel. From 2001 to 2005 freelance photographer for the Luxembourg Governement accompanying the Grand Duke Henri, Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker on most of their travels abroad.

Maarten Udema Photography

Maarten Udema

Maarten Udema

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Click for elderly people portfolio


Covering stories throughout the world I have the experience, logistical management skills and sense of humor to get the job done. I have shot for clients that include Heineken International, National Geographic, KLM/Air France Airlines and others.


I have photographed in China, France, India, South Africa, Antarctica, Mexico, the Arctic Region in Canada, Colombia, Panama and about 30 other countries. I specialize in travel, portraits, corporate and people photography.


My passion for the natural world along with my fascination in the life forms that move within it, are the driving force of my inspiration. My inspiration and passion are spiritually based.

We are all One and we need to learn to take care of each other and the planet.

Free Lance

Massimo Pizzotti

Massimo Pizzotti

Milan, Italy

Click for elderly people portfolio

Massimo is a freelance photographer specialized in travel reportage. He collaborates with the major international stock agencies and his images have been published on the main magazines and newspaper around the world.

Andrew Trask Photography

Andrew Trask

Andrew Trask

Stockholm, Sweden

Click for elderly people portfolio

Not currently available

Jan Wright Photography

Jan Wright

Jan Wright

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Wide range of photographic subjects as seen on my website. Completely digital outfit Mk11DS). Photoshop CS2 for processing. RAW file format, converted to Tiff or Jpeg, file size supplied according to use. Hand printed photographs available. Printed on Epson Stylus Pro 4800 using Epson pigment ink. I am available for commercial and private commissions. Member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and with a full Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. I am also a published feature writer and can supply words and pictures.

Laurence Delderfield Photography

Laurence Delderfield

Laurence Delderfield

Arnhem, Netherlands

Click for elderly people portfolio

Based in the Netherlands I have 25 years experience as a professional photographer specialising in agricultural. landscape, lifestyle, recreational and travel themes.

I work mainly on assignment for advertising agencies, magazine and book publishers and card and calender companies.

Creativity, honesty , integrity and realiability are the four pillars of my photographic business where clients appreciate my input and involvement in order to achieve the desired result.

Located close to the German border I am ideally placed to undertake commissions in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Italy and beyond.

Whatever your needs, get in touch and we will work together to create the production you are seeking.

Link Photographers

Orde Eliason

Orde Eliason

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

We offer original high quality photographic imagery to suite a range of requirements.

Five talented photographers, Zac Macaulay, Richard Olivier, Jiri Rezac, Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux , Orde Eliason , based in London, with their own distinctive styles to interpret your ideas into striking images.

We provide solutions, ranging from Corporations, SME'S to individuals, associated with advertising, b2b, brochures, broadsheets, editorial content, publicity, specialist publications and websites. Our network of associate photographers based in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA are able to complement our London service.

The accumulated experience of this group for the past two decades continues to produce exciting and stimulating contemporary imagery both in the UK and abroad.

Studio Lianski

Ilian Iliev

Manchester, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Ilian Iliev is a UK and Bulgaria based photographer with over 15 years experience who specializing in Industrial, Commercial, Architectural, Casino, Ballet and Food photography.


John Bradburn

John Bradburn

Manchester, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

My experience is in the production of commercial advertising and pop promos in film and video. Presently, I am working in a wider range of fields.

Mainly, Weddings and Portraiture.

But I am keen to increase my portfolio of work in landscape, travel,

documentary, fashion and glamour.

Do get in touch to discuss any stylish projects needing a creative edge.

Gerry Walden Photography

Gerry Walden

Gerry Walden

Southampton, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

With the declaration of the South Downs National Park this week, I am in the fortunate position of being neatly sandwiched between the two newest National Parks in Great Britain. The New Forest to the west and the South Downs to the east, and both within 30 minutes drive from me, will form the basis of much of my stock imaging this year and I have already set up two new galleries to feature images from these areas on my web site. These will be added to as the year progresses, and I hope to be able to especially feature lifestyle and crafts within the area. If you have specific requests that fit into these parameters I am always interested in considering a speculative shoot so please contact me.

My portfolio also includes images from worldwide with a special emphasis on France and Italy.

+ Photography

Matthew Cant

Matthew Cant

, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Matt is a professional photographer providing creative still life, people and lifestyle shots for the Advertising, Design and Corporate sectors.

Matt graduated from Cheltenham and Gloucester University in 1992 and following that worked as a freelance assistant to some of the leading names in international photography.

Matt established his own company in 1994 and has provided acclaimed photography for clients such as Clifford Chance, BT, Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds TSB, Tote, Gulf Air and Renault London.

Alternatively, call and I will happily arrange to deliver my book to you.


David Hoffman

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

A social issues focused stock archive of journalistic work covering more than 30 years.

Drug use, policing, disorder, racism, riots, youth, prostitution, protest, homelessness, housing, environmental demonstrations & events, waste disposal, alternative energy & pollution.

You will find a wide range of reportage & general stock, plus topical issues from flash mobs to SUVs. Primarily UK images, plus Europe, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and Thailand.

Picture researchers

The galleries and image groups you see from this page are only a selection of the images available. Please click 'search' at the top to find the full range. All stock is available for download from this site or via email, FTP or on CD. Commissions welcome.

Call or email if you'd like to talk through your project.


Des E Gershon

Birmingham, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Editorial sourced images designed for business,educational and similar publications as an example greeting cards, posters, advertising, etc.

MARYDOR - Photography

Marie Raynaud

La Rochelle, France

Click for elderly people portfolio

Music & event photographer based in Paris and la Rochelle.

jazz / rock / blues / world / classical.

- album cover art.

- night life, clubbing

- marine, sailing, seascape

- night photography

Jocelyne Moreau Photography

Jocelyne Moreau

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Click for elderly people portfolio

Jocelyne Moreau is an award winning French photographer based in Amsterdam. Amongst her clientele you will find magazines, graphic artists, theaters and advertising agencies.

Het work has been collected by various municipal museums in The Netherlands. She had received twice a scholarship from the Association for Plastic Art, Graphisme and Achitecture (Amsterdam).

More specific information can be obtained upon request.

Terry Mathews Creative

Terry Mathews

Swindon, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Terry Mathews is a photographer with 30 years experience in the commercial design and photography industry. Terry uses Professional top end Nikon equipment - Nikon D3X ( 24.5 mp ) and best quality Nikkor lenses. All images are processed from high resolution RAW files. Terry is a versatile photographer taking both studio and location work in his stride. Deadlines and budgets are key to this market sector and Terry has delivered top quality work, on-time and on-budget for many clients, from catalogues to consumer magazines - ALL PROJECTS ARE GIVEN THE SAME METICULOUS ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

Michelle Duerden Photography

Michelle Duerden

Liverpool, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Hi photographer based partly in Cyprus. After attending Southport Technical college, I moved to London. I now spend half of the year in Cyprus and am able to supply photographs from this region.


John Kellaway

Cardiff, Wales

Click for elderly people portfolio

John Kellaway LBPPA is a photographer with over 40 years of experience in photography, and winner of the prestigious SWPPA UK Wildlife photographer of the Year 2008 award. Operating from studios in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, I Provide services for corporate clients, press, & PR companies, as well as social photography, and will consider all assignments

Ureche Marius Liviu Photography

Ureche Marius Liviu

Timisoara, Romania

Click for elderly people portfolio

My name is Marius Liviu Ureche, i live in Romania and i study Architecture. My hobbies are: architecture, music, painting, (i also gratuated School of Arts and Crafts, Painting Department) and photography

Callum Winton Photography

Callum Winton

Staines, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Callum is a freelance photographer based in Ashford, Surrey with fast access to London and the South East.

Callum enjoys creating product or food photography just as much as creating material for an annual report or hanging from the back of a car to create some striking automotive images

Callum specialises in corporate, product, automotive and also the occassional social photshoot.

Callum is completely client focused and professional in his approach and is committed to delivering a high quality final result.

Barry Johnson Photography

Barry Johnson

Truro, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Over 60 years photographing life and the world around us.

I have carried out lots of photographic tasks in my lifetime, too numerous to list, but have an all round experience of life and people. I love travel, nature, landscapes and just taking pictures.

I see pictures all the time and now in my semi retirement with my wife as my model and assistant - she too carries a camera when we are "working".

We are really happy to go to a place and get the feel of it, take our impressions of what we feel and observe. That way we bring back some special pictures as well as the ones the client has specified.

I started at about 11 years old with contact prints of leaves in a press and have come through scientific, ultra high speed, processing in bulk, film machine processing, advertising and travel.

Tim Gartside Photography

Tim Gartside

Manchester, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I have specialised in shooting interiors and exteriors for property companies and developers for the past 12 years. I have written four books on photography and also specialise in night and landscape photography and won awards for Black & White printing skills. I write articles for magazines on travel and photography.


David Mckee

Vienna, Austria

Click for elderly people portfolio

David Mckee is an Irish Photographer I was Living in South East Asia for over ten years I have built up a fantastic archive of Portrait,Family, Underwater and Asian South East Asian images.

I recently moved to Austria with my family and am available for Portrait shoots and Assignments in Europe or Back in South East Asia.

Please contact me with any requests either underwater or On dry land.


Neil Cooper Photography

Neil Cooper

Modbury, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Photographer based in Devon with 25 years experience freelancing for UK and international charities around the developing world.

Steve Davey Photography

Steve Davey

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Steve Davey is a photographer and writer, based in London. Blessed and cursed in equal measure with a low boredom threshold, he has turned travel photography into a way of life, as well as a career.

Steve is the author and principal photographer of Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die and Unforgettable Islands to Escape To Before You Die, both published by BBC Books.

Between them, these titles have been published in over 26 language editions.

Steve’s most recent book is Footprint Travel Photography (Footprint Handbooks, 2008).

Steve contributes words and pictures to a number of publications and has a vast amount of experience with travel and location work in extreme and challenging conditions. He has photographed in some 84 countries and has a large archive of work available.

Jacques Dreano Photography

Jacques Dreano

Toulon, France

Click for elderly people portfolio

I lived all my life in Provence and i know very well the traditions of the country and sea;particulary the typical colored fishing boats. I have shot all the little villages in the Var;especially the vineyards with autumn colors. I have also a lot of photos of Provencal parades in local costumes.

My second interest is for the French Alps in Savoie with or without snow.

I can read and speak English and Italian


David Clarke

Nottingham, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Specialisms include:-


(inc virtual panoramic)








Working as an independent photographer with a fairly diverse portfolio, my first objective is listening to you the client, and making sure I understand your goals.

With that as my priority I can then interpret the brief and bring you the benefit of my experience, imagination and flare, adapting my techniques to suit your creative needs.

Richard Roll Photography

Richard Roll

Bracknell, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Keen amateur photographer, 30+ years experience.

7Colours Photography

Amir Raja

London, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

What started as a hobby turned into my profession why? Simply, i love what i do, So i combined my talent and decided to get into the world of photography. I work with modern digital photography equipment and techniques to provide a quality service and appealing results. Every Photo shoot is done in a friendly and happy atmosphere. Seven Colours photography offers weddings, portrait, family, Glamour and commercial photography to clients throughout the UK

Please feel free to call or email to enquire about my services or just call.

Donna M James Photography

Donna M James

Lincoln, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

I am an amateur/newly professional photographer with a background in engineering and design. Completed a Masters in Design in 2010. I have a range of interests and my portfolio is growing daily including macro work, architecture, diversity, people at work, portraiture, flora and marine. I am adaptable to anything product and corporate as well.

Dundee Photographics

Euan Donegan

Dundee, Scotland

Click for elderly people portfolio

Professional Photographer that can capture the ideal photograph for your corporate,promotional and personal use. I look to create and bond positive relationships with new clients and customers. As a member of the British Professional Photographers Association and the Society Wedding and Portrait Photographers International I have very high standard and very own style of photography. Supplies top quality photographs created for your brochures, online and editorial use and provide a range commercial and stock photographic services working closely with the public and the city council. I aim to provide just the sort of images you want and will capture the excitement of glamourous colourful and B&W photography with high quality presentations. Mainly an outdoor photography using natural light.

Andy Mansell Photography

Andy Mansell

Leek, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

We offer a friendly and informal photographic service From weddings and portraits to corporate and event photography you can trust us to create the images you want.

Located in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Close to the Towns of Leek, Ashbourne and Buxton, and willing to cover most areas around the country. We have a reputation for delivering quality and service.

Your images can be uploaded to our web site with your own unique logon/password where you and your guests can view and order your images on-line.

We are also able to offer a service to restore your old, damaged and faded photographs.

Our Website is designed to give you a flavour of what we do. We offer a flexible bespoke Service.

James Southers Photography

James Southers

Balaclava, Ukraine

Click for elderly people portfolio

Freelance photographer and photojournalist from Texas living in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia. I have traveled to 54 countries and still counting.

Photography By Fleur

Grant Ferney

Margate, England

Click for elderly people portfolio



Dominique Andereggen

Berikon, Switzerland

Click for elderly people portfolio

Geboren 1980 in Zürich und aufgewachsen im Aargau und Budapest. Er startete seine Fotograferkarriere anfangs 2000, als er durch die Welt reiste. Bis 2007 Autodidakt, lernte er die Fotografin und seine jetztige Frau Solange dos Santos in Tanzania kennen, welche bereits an der New York Institute of Photography studierte und Dominique davon überzeugen konnte, dass es sich lohnt seine Fertigkeiten und Fähigkeiten noch ein wenig auszufeilen. Er erhielt sein Diplom nach einer 2-jährigen Ausbildung im Jahr 2009. Seither hat er zusammen mit Solange das erfolgreiche Fotostudio "Magmaphotography" in Maputo, Mozambique aufgebaut, bevor er nun sein eigenes Fotostudio und Galerie in der Schweiz unter dem Name "Flussreif" eröffnet hat. Er ist spezialisiert in Studiofotografie, Hochzeiten und Reportagen.

Freelance Photographer

Luigi Petro

Croydon, England

Click for elderly people portfolio

Freelance photographer and accredited reporter for Demotix News Agency.

Events, fashion,portfolios, glamour, adult and alternative, fetish.

Lodovico Pignatti Morano Photography

Lodovico Pignatti Morano

Bologna, Italy

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Professional photographer for the last 30 years, based in Bologna, Italy. I speak fluent english and german.

Copenhagen Photographer

Joe Mortensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Hi I'm Joe Mortensen, photographer and visual storyteller based in the inner city of Copenhagen.

Whether you are doing business in Copenhagen, planning a wedding in Denmark or are here for a completely different event and want to tell your story with evocative, timeless and storytelling photos from a professional photographer, then have a look around and contact me for any inquiries.

One of my greatest passions and key skills as a photographer is to capture your precious moments in even the most challenging light and turn it into beautiful images.

In most cases where "faster to the market" really matters.

I can deliver your photos processed, online and on the spot.

In Copenhagen, Denmark and most places around the world.

Wojciech Radwanski

Wojtek Radwanski

Warsaw, Poland

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Freelance photographer and photojournalist, based in Warsaw, Poland, with ten years of experience in press photography, photodocumentary and photojournalism. Long-standing cooperation with AFP – one of the largest news agencies in the World. Specialized in political news, social and religious issues, cultural events and the everyday lives of average people. Aside from news agencies and commercial contracts, Wojtek also takes part in NGO projects and outdoor campaigns as a portrait and documentary photographer. He also engages in his own artistic photography projects concentrated on illustrating key aspects of the lives of ordinary people, in the long-standing tradition of documentary photography.

Luca Della Valle

Luca Della Valle

Rome, Italy

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Luca Della Valle is an Italian photographer with 15 years of professional experience.

Working for different studios, in New York City and Shanghai in particular, he has had the chance to explore different types and styles. He has started a career into Still-life photography in 2005, when his own work is published. His Food imagery in particular, has been published on a number of books and other editorials worldwide.

He now resides in Rome, where he runs a studio located downtown, near Piazza Vittorio.

Artem Korenuk Photography

Artem Korenuk

Saratov, Russia

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Freelance photographer. Like traveling and interesting in people life and culture.

Rui Pires Photography

Rui Pires

Aveiro, Portugal

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Documetary and Humanist photographer. Documentary videomaker.

Graduate in Professional Photography by New York Institute of Photography

Diplm. Image Evaluation by Photographic Socieaty of America

Diplm. Advanced Photography by Photographic Society of America

Social Researcher, Historian

Documentary Photography Instructor

UNESCO/CFPA "documentary award 2013"

UNESCO/Alfred Fried Award 2014

More than 50 other photography awards. Exhibitions in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Baghdad, Marrakech, Viena, Copenhagen and many other cities.

Specialist in documentary photography and video and travel photography.

Works with many NGO´s and Gov. institutions related social research and contemporary issues documentary.

Ignacio Evangelista Photography

Ignacio Evangelista

Madrid, Spain

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Ignacio is an award-winning fine art and commercial photographer. His pictures has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, and have been displayed in CNN International TV Channel(USA), The Independent on Sunday(UK), Citylab-The Atlantic(USA), Der Spiegel(Germany), VICE(Netherlands), Fast Company(USA), The European(Germany), Haaretz(Israel), ArchDaily(USA), Domus Magazine(Italy), Archithese(Switzerland), Jyllands-Posten(Denmark), El País Semanal(Spain) and Yorokobu Magazine(Spain),among others.

Esteban Mora

Esteban Mora

Barcelona, Spain

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Stefano Oppo Photographer

Stefano Oppo

Milan, Italy

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