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Evgeny Litvinov

Ekaterinburg, Russia

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I am working as professional photographer since 2000. Start as photographer in local area government, but later go to adv studio have 5 years of hard adn intensive working for adv and magazines.

Now i have my own studio. But it easy for me to move anywhere for interesting works, people or events.

My best is emotion in portrait, adv or event-photo. But also i specialized in food photography and have done some big architectural projects for local developers. Also have done a lot of spherical panoramic images last 5 years mostly interiors but have expiriense in arcitectural panoramic photography.

Plus: i am not alone - we work in union with 2 more amazing photographer, and can launch large projects as team.

So i think we could do good business together! could we ?

Artem Korenuk Photography

Artem Korenuk

Saratov, Russia

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Freelance photographer. Like traveling and interesting in people life and culture.

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