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Globetrotter Photography

Pascal Fiechter

Pascal Fiechter

Taichung, Taiwan

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I am a freelance photographer with 11 years experience and numerous publications in magazines, newspapers, tv-show and museum.

My main focus is on:

- beauty of nature, landscape & macro

- daily life off humans with there work, cultures, religions and celebrations

- event photography & architecture

- art, stock & product photography

Travel photography covers following destinations in landscape, street and event photography:

- South India, focus Kerala (+++)

- China Wudang Mountain (+++)

- Taiwan (+++)

- North India

- Pakistan

- Iran

- Sri Lanka

- Japan

- Turkey

- Bangkok

- Switzerland

- France

- Philippines

- Hong Kong


Marc Van Lommel

Sanxia, Taiwan

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Belgian, living in Taiwan. 30+ years exp.

Able to take assignments in Taiwan and Asia, documentary, travel, editorial, nature (spec. macro).

Specializing in Asian religions, mass religious and cultural events, insect macro, city travel & life style.

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