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Chuck David Photography

Chuck David

Chuck David

Toronto, Canada

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Through desert, ice fields, lost luggage and maybe a little sweat, the goal behind these images was to bring the more remote corners of the world to those who might not have the time or opportunity to explore them. Hopefully these distant corners now seem a little bit closer to home. Enjoy.

Chris Barton Photographer

Chris Barton

Chris Barton

Vancouver, Canada

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With twenty years of travel photography experience, from the Equator to Antarctica, British photographer Chris Barton is used to living and working in extreme conditions.

Progressing from many years with manual focus 35mm and medium-format panoramic film cameras, he has made the switch to digital with no regrets. Having worked as a expedition leader in Africa and the Middle East and travelled independently as far afield as South and Central America, the Canadian Rockies and American Pacific Northwest, Antarctica, Easter Island and Madagascar, he is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Wally Bauman Photography

Wally Bauman

Calgary, Canada

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Wally Bauman is a landscape and wildlife photographer. He lives in Calgary, Alberta and so has ready photographic access to all the birds, animals, wildlife, and landscape scnery that the Canadian Rockies and the Great Canadian Plains have to offer. He has travelled accros Canada and has many images from other parts of Canada as well. His images have been published in books and article around the world. Many other subjects are of photographic interest to him including intustry, architecture, sports, roads, cities, and almost everything else. He feels that there is a picture worth taking in almost every situation.

Dan Meldrum Photography

Dan Meldrum

Port Coquitlam, Canada

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As a Geologist I get to travel to very unusual places including the Canadian Arctic, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and many others.

I have a large collection of photos of the nature and people of these regions.

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