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Dumitru Liviu Photography

Dumitru Liviu

Dumitru Liviu

Mioveni, Romania

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I'm a Romanian professional photographer and photojournalist, I like to travel and to meet different kind of people from various cultures. The main areas covered by my work are: reportage, documentary, travel photography, architecture, portrait, although I have work in many other fields such as panoramic photography.

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Anamaria Liana Dinulescu

Anamaria Liana Dinulescu

Bucharest, Romania

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I am a Romanian freelance photographer based in Bucharest, Romania.

Currently working in documentary, travel and commercial photography.

Ureche Marius Liviu Photography

Ureche Marius Liviu

Timisoara, Romania

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My name is Marius Liviu Ureche, i live in Romania and i study Architecture. My hobbies are: architecture, music, painting, (i also gratuated School of Arts and Crafts, Painting Department) and photography

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