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John Hios

John Hios

Athens, Greece

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STREET WORK with a LEICA C /Vintage1935/LEICAFLEX R/NIKON cameras, F4 / 801s/ Nikormat Mamiya 6x4,5. ROLLIFLEX 6X6[with portriatlens]Hassi SWC. SelfMade Panoramic camera, rollfilm 6cm x12cm or x24cm. Linhoff 4x5 inch /complate.and has digital updated darkroom with pre-press scanners // and digital camera up to 34 Mb tif /up to 32-bit arch.

John S. Hios has been engaged in photography since 1974. With studies in MassMedia & Propaganda. And Cinematography[ with J. Cassavettes].

Has a good knowledge of Art , History, and Archaeology, Had studied with Mrs.

Eliot[British archaeological Institute]

Etching+graphic, J. Egleson also with J Vassos, at the SilverMine arts Center Norwalk Conn.

Extra studies NYC [Teo Hio, T. Stamos, M.Lekkakis And working nights as a Head Pressman, LITHOGRAPHY ad

Sakis Papadopoulos Photography

Sakis Papadopoulos

Sakis Papadopoulos

Rethymno, Greece

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Hotel, Travel , Aerial, Lifestyle photography around the world with 15 years experiences. Worldwide customers and assignments.

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