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Donovan Photography

D. F. Donovan

D. F. Donovan

Auckland, New Zealand

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Most of my work is an adjunct to my illustrated books. I have a portfolio of digital and 35mm shots covering many years and various subjects around New Zealand, Italy and Australia. (I also have all of my B&W negs since 1950!).

Petr Hlavacek Photography

Petr Hlavacek

Petr Hlavacek

Franz Josef, New Zealand

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Petr Hlavacek is a West Coast based professional landscape photographer. He specialises in photographing glacier and ice imagery, and the fascinating landscapes of the West Coast of the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand.

Petr has been compiling a large, comprehensive and unique collection of glacier and ice images depicting and showcasing this stunning icy environment in every season and weather condition.

His interest in icy subjects has brought Petr together with New Zealand’s leading glaciologists whom he often collaborates with on various projects.

Next to licensing his imagery worldwide and working on assignments, Petr also produces various souvenirs such as cards, posters, calendars etc. and his images are available also as Fine Prints, through his website.

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