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Linda Dawn Hammond

Linda Dawn Hammond

Toronto, Canada

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Linda Dawn Hammond MFA 1996, Toronto based Professional Freelance Photographer/Journalist, Will travel.

Languages: English, French & German.

Canadian and UK citizen Extensive photo archives 1976-NOW.

Expertise Politics & Arts (cinema, music, dance, writers) Accred.

Official Photographer at cultural events- media/film/ festivals/awards (MWFF, MJFF, Playback Hall of Fame at TIFF, MTL Writers Fed., PRIDE Toronto) Political events include Quebec Summit/Pope & Dalai Lama visits/Oka Crisis/GMO/AIDS/Gay/Middle East conflict/Iraq war demos.

Use digital SLR & analog 35mm, Medium Format & 4" by 5",with flash/studio/available light. Excellent Photoshop retouching/illustration.

A photo-based Fine artist, I've participated in solo & group exhibits in Canada/UK, taught U.

Paramount Photography

Fairhurst Kevin

Fairhurst Kevin

Hamilton, Canada

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I have been hooked on photography as long as I can remember. My parents bought me a pocket camera when I was young and that was the start of my obession. Years later I graduated from 35mm to medium format and loved the quality. Years later I moved to digital. Now I shoot digital almost exclusively but still has a soft spot for film.

I now shoot mostly commercial and sports but always love getting out to visit nature when ever I can.

If you see something you like please call or email me and we can discuss it further.

Ron&ron Photography

Ron Rochon

Ron Rochon

Windsor, Canada

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The idea came to my head and the picture moved into the viewfinder. That is what it is like when you watch some of the movies, but that is what happens when I photograph for my projects. There is the technical parts you need to know, but then there is the interpretation of what is going to happen and letting it develop into the scene.

I feel accomplished photographing architecture, portrait, advertising and product photography. Working the scene with sketches or story boards from the client is fulfilling and then there are times the scene needs to be found through interpretation.

The scene can take time and through the knowledge the results are achieved in a good production.

My work in graphic design, illustration and printing for advertising has kept me involved in specifications for production and quality. I use Photoshop as my darkroom for white balance, color correction and managing RGB to CMYK specifications. Many other programs are used to produce PDF, slides, DVD and movie productions.

My primary camera system is the Canon EOS digital, with macro, wide angle and telephoto lenses. Lighting is set up for studio and on location productions. Macintosh computers manage the programs and data filing for delivering and producing on the internet.

The “Design and Photography” course at the Ontario College of Art expanded my experiences from working in newspapers and store window displays. Before I setup ron&ron photography, I worked for architects, industrial designers, interior designers and book publishers.

In my work vision, I do not categorize the scene. I could be at the stadium and I photograph a soccer player, then turn around and shoot a portrait of someone as well as a person eating at a meal. I call it compositions, but then we could say they are sports, portrait and food shots.

Geographically, I photograph in Windsor and Toronto, Ontario, Canada and some professional time in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit Michigan USA.

Peter Llewellyn Photography

Peter Llewellyn

Peter Llewellyn

Toronto, Canada

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I initially worked as a sports photographer for many of the British national newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph and the Times.

From the late 80s until 2000 I specialized in equestrian subjects, traveling around the world to major national and international sporting events and photographing breeds, equestrian personalities, as well as feature assignments for specialist magazines.

I currently photograph International Sports, wildlife, nature and environmental subjects and. I was the Photo Manager at Whistler Olympic Park during the 2010, Winter Games and from July 2011 to September 2012 was be the Deputy Photo Manager for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Currently working as the Photo Chief for the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto

Wally Bauman Photography

Wally Bauman

Calgary, Canada

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Wally Bauman is a landscape and wildlife photographer. He lives in Calgary, Alberta and so has ready photographic access to all the birds, animals, wildlife, and landscape scnery that the Canadian Rockies and the Great Canadian Plains have to offer. He has travelled accros Canada and has many images from other parts of Canada as well. His images have been published in books and article around the world. Many other subjects are of photographic interest to him including intustry, architecture, sports, roads, cities, and almost everything else. He feels that there is a picture worth taking in almost every situation.

Dan Meldrum Photography

Dan Meldrum

Port Coquitlam, Canada

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As a Geologist I get to travel to very unusual places including the Canadian Arctic, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and many others.

I have a large collection of photos of the nature and people of these regions.

Dave Tilley Photography

David Tilley

Grand Falls-windsor, Canada

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14 years experience in wildlife and nature photography.

Articles published with NL Sportsman and Country Discoveries.

Photo essays, assignment and stock images with Saltscapes magazine,

including wildflowers cover and essay in March 2009 issue.

Publication credits with Bird Watchers Digest, Dreamscapes, Islands, Canadian Wildlife, Wild, Eastern Woods and Waters, Downhomer, Comda Calendars, Zebra Calendars etc.. 18 images in Caribou and the North (Dundurn) 2008. Government and private advertisers in print and electronic media. Assignments with Provincial and Municipal tourism agencies and private corporations.

Covering a broader range of travel, architectural, environmental, industrial and editorial subjects. 35mm film stock with scanning.

Portfolio cd with searchable images.

Tim Elliott Photography

Tim Elliott

Toronto, Canada

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Have been a freelance photographer for over twenty years. Specialties include birds, mammals, nature and dogs. I also have images of my home area, southern Ontario. These include Toronto, Niagara Falls, Welland Canal, Great Lakes and Hamilton.

RockALittle Photography

Fred Moore

Toronto, Canada

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Toronto Photographer specialized in Glamour, portrait, nudes, private photoshoots capturing the "Sexy" side of all subjects. Everyone has beauty bo matter age, size, or looks. It is my photography skills that will capture this in you.

Silver Creek Photography

Sylvia Galbraith

Kitchener, Canada

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Sylvia Galbraith started Silver Creek Photography in 1985. Her photographs exhibit creativity and imagination whether shooting a wedding, aerial photographs or product illustrations for advertising. Produced in high-end digital format, the photos display the finest quality possible.

Sylvia is well known for her stylish wedding photography and portraits. She is also an accomplished aerial photographer, and works for real estate agents, aggregate producers, construction companies, developers, and homeowners. She specializes in construction photography, images of heavy equipment, industrial plants, or architectural subjects. She has an international reputation as an equine photographer and teaches a popular horse photography workshop series each spring. She teaches photography courses on many topics and is an instructor for the commercial photography program at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario.

Sylvia pays attention to detail and places the clients’ needs first. She often works against tight deadlines and can produce images quickly. After twenty-five years as a full time professional photographer, her experience allows her to produce the best possible images no matter what the assignment.

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