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Jeong Yi Photography & Video

Jeong Yi

Jeong Yi

Seoul, South Korea

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I am a freelance photographer/videographer based in Seoul, Korea. Although I focus mostly on portrait photography, I've also worked with international and local clients on fashion projects, editorial pieces, corporate events, and concerts.

I consider myself a skilled photographer capable of successfully completing any project which comes my way. As a bilingual photographer (fluent in Korean & English), I'm easy to communicate with and can coordinate different aspects of your project that require someone who is familiar with Seoul and the culture.

Some of my former clients include Samsung, the Guanxi Network, The Butik (UAE fashion boutique), ALEF Magazine (Qatar-based cultural magazine)and Briana Cowlishaw (Australia Jazz vocalist).


Manchul Kim

Manchul Kim

Suwon, South Korea

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Manchul Kim, a professional photographer, offers a variety of photography services

such as advertising and creative portrait, commercial portrait, stock, actions sports, and location photography.

Do not hesitate contact me!

My previous and current clients include: Guardian weekend magazine, Wall Street Journal,Report on Business, AP(Associated Press), UFC Magazine, Epoca Negocios, The Rotarian Magazine, Global Media Desk, Nestle, ALDO And Curaprox Swiss.

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