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blue star Mike Clare Ltd

Mike Clare

Wellington, New Zealand

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I'm a professional photographer based in the Capital of New Zealand, and have been shooting images for over 20 years. I love photographing everything from landscapes to people, from food to fashion and from still lifes to sports.

I have a well equipped studio and am also very experienced at shooting on location.

Mike has come from a Black & White film background and has quickly grasped the necessary skills of digital photography. Mike is able to photograph a variety of tasks from the studio to on location event photography. He experiments with "situational" photography. Mike's value as a photographer is that continually seeks to provide best value for his clients.

Donovan Photography

D. F. Donovan

Auckland, New Zealand

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Most of my work is an adjunct to my illustrated books. I have a portfolio of digital and 35mm shots covering many years and various subjects around New Zealand, Italy and Australia. (I also have all of my B&W negs since 1950!).

AHMED FAYAZ Photography

Ahmed Fayaz

Palmerston North, New Zealand

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Professional photographer for over 25 years, I specialize in photography of plants.

Additionally, my portfolio extends to wedding, commercial, landscapes and macro photography.

Petr Hlavacek Photography

Petr Hlavacek

Franz Josef, New Zealand

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Petr Hlavacek is a West Coast based professional landscape photographer. He specialises in photographing glacier and ice imagery, and the fascinating landscapes of the West Coast of the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand.

Petr has been compiling a large, comprehensive and unique collection of glacier and ice images depicting and showcasing this stunning icy environment in every season and weather condition.

His interest in icy subjects has brought Petr together with New Zealand’s leading glaciologists whom he often collaborates with on various projects.

Next to licensing his imagery worldwide and working on assignments, Petr also produces various souvenirs such as cards, posters, calendars etc. and his images are available also as Fine Prints, through his website.

Jiloa Photography

Viaan Janse Van Rensburg

Auckland, New Zealand

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I am a freelance photographer willing to take on most challenges, from the seemingly mundane to the exotic. I have enjoyed photography for many years, but have only aquired the necessary equipment to persue this profesionally about a year ago.

From a photo shoot of approximately 1000 photo's I select only the best 2 or 3 to publish as part of my portfolio.

Ross is a freelance photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. From 1995 to 2007, Ross worked in the Middle East, and during his time there recorded many exquisite photographs of its heritage and culture, particularly of Oman. He has held five successful exhibitions in Salalah and Muscat (Oman). In addition, he has won several photographic awards for his photographic achievements in Oman.

* Associate Member of Omani Society for Fine Arts.

Albany Photography Studios

Robert A F Van De Voort

Auckland, New Zealand

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Contact Robert A F Van De Voort, Albany Photography Studios

Albany Studios in Auckland New Zealand offers stock and library images.

All images are high res and we licence per usage.

My studio has produced since 1980 high quality studio images for the advertising industry in NZ.

Technical still life is my specialty, the studio is equipped with everything possible, 20.000 joules of lightpower,excellent photoshop skills and an extensive software collection for that special "look and feel".

Contact me - you will be pleased! If you do have a special request please ask for a specific image.

Kind regards - Robert A F van de Voort

Aquamarine Photography Ltd

Paul Gilbert

Auckland, New Zealand

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Specialist Marine photographer operating out of `Auckland the City of sails' New Zealand.

Documentation of artwork.