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gold star Lisa Trocchi Photography

Lisa Trocchi

Johannesburg, South Africa

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I have been a professional photographer in Johannesburg for 28 years.

I have photographed a wide variety of subjects and am comfortable with requests for portraits, portfolios, corporate, real estate, families, weddings, food and more. Check my website for examples of current work. I work on location rather than from a studio as it is more challenging and exciting and tends to be more convenient for clients.

gold star Wordsource

Jaco Wolmarans

Cape Town, South Africa

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Specialising in commercial and advertising studio work, including wine packshots, chrome fittings and styled product shots for catalogues and web sites. Also available for on-site architectural, interior design, architecture and lifestyle shoots.

Linda Basson Photography

Linda Basson

Cape Town, South Africa

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For photography with a creative flair (weddings, portrait, events, commercial and still life photography)

Ed Suter Photography

Ed Suter

Cape Town, South Africa

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I have worked in the UK as an on-set photographer for Channel 4 and the BBC. Since moving to South Africa , I work a lot as an editorial photographer for a number of magazines. I also work as a commercial photographer and an on-set stills photographer for film companies in South Africa. In June 2012 my book "Sharp Sharp", a look at great style on the streets of South Africa was published, its a colourful, quirky and fun look at the fashion, graphics and street art found in downtown South Africa.

Magic In Motion

Barry Bezuidenhout

Cape Town, South Africa

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43 year old, South African based Photographer with over 20 years International experience.

Can shoot anything from Fashion to Advertising to Travel.

I also have a Photographic Production Company and we work all over Sth Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

I also have partners in India, Dubai, Europe and South America.

I look forward to receiving your brief.

Best wishes from sunny Cape Town.


Ispy Photography

Ray Ives & Ann Palframan

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

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Studio51 is a collaboration by South African freelance photographers Ann Palframan and Ray Ives.

Specialising in studio and outdoor photography, their work is available under rights managed licensing and commissions are undertaken for both private and corporate clients.

Based on the east coast in Kwazulu Natal, Ann and Ray's work focuses mainly on this beautiful and diverse region of lush sub tropical coastline and spectacular inland mountains.

From a travel perspective the diversity of the region embraces;

- historical Zulu battle fields and traditional rural culture

- a microcosm of South Africa's 'rainbow nation'

- world heritage game parks and wetlands

- cities like Durban and Pietermaritzburg

- the country's favourite seaside holiday resorts.


Alexandra Mcgowan

Edenvale, South Africa

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Keen wild life photographer (amateur) I have had a few photos printed in Camping and Caravan Magazine and Getaway magaine sa, I am very lucky to get away more often than most working people, as I work for myself.


Ignus Gerber

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Welcome to the visual world of professional videographer and photographer Ignus Gerber.

Apart from compiling material in 21 countries across the globe, he has built up an extensive client list which includes Anglo American, De Beers, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council, Lafarge, MTN, Nedbank, Nestle, Shell, Sprite, Telkom and Unilever as well as recording studios the likes of Gallo, Warner Brothers and Sony Music.

Ignus has worked on campaigns for some of South Africa’s top advertising agencies, he has won numerous Fuji Film Photographic Awards aswell as a Loerie Award 9SA’s highest accolade in advertising and design) for an ad campaign he did for DDB SA. With and Eye for detail and composition, his solid technical background and award winning people skills Ignus has developed a style as diverse as it is original and visually compelling.

Digital Xposure Photography

Martin Knobel

Cape Town, South Africa

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Martin Knobel, owner of Digital Xposure Photography in Cape Town, has, for the past fifteen years, specialised in photographic work relating mainly to Products, People, Annual Reports and Landscapes.

All images are retouched and colour enhanced ready for print. He also uses photo manipulation on his images in order to obtain an extra, unique, look.

Natural light photographer specialising in close-up macro images of the natural world and landscapes in wild places - with the odd inspiring wedding or commercial job thrown in...

Deon Vd Merwe Photography

Deon Van Der Merwe

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Contact Deon Van Der Merwe, Deon vd Merwe Photography

Welcome to Deon van der Merwe's photographic website.

My primary photography is from Motor Sport and Wildlife/ Scenic Photography, but I cover a wide spectrum of Events and Product photography.

My passion for Motorsport leads me to the tracks around Johannesburg, Gauteng with my faithful DSLR Nikon. I will normally spend the whole day at the racetrack shooting hundreds of photos.

Motor Racing photos may be cropped from original, resized for saving bandwidth and uploaded to the site by the Monday after each event attended. Scenic photos may be cropped from original, resized for saving bandwidth on internet. Pictures will be updated frequently. I am a photographer because of my passion for photography; it never seems to become work for me. Shooting for hours is just plain fun.

PSP Productions

Philip Schedler

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Contact Philip Schedler, PSP Productions

Professional Photographer & Video Producer based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Work on assignment throughout the African continent and Worldwide.

Specialities: Advertising, Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Editorial feature work.

Aerial photography using my own UAV camera drone.

Video Production for corporate features, project documentaries, training and safety induction, TV commercials.

Extensive experience on the African continent and worldwide.

Portfolio and Showreel available on request.

With an over-riding passion for the outdoors, i have specialized more in the underwater world with the challenge to dive and photograph as many of the underwater worlds as possible. When I am not shooting underwater, I shoot panoramas, both urban and natural landscapes, watersports, sports, wildlife, travel and architectural.

I have been widely published, from magazines on travel and diving, to assisting and shooting the stills on a National Geographic feature on the Serengeti Migration. I have also won several awards, mainly for my underwater photography.

I am available for commission work, and will travel to wherever the job needs to be done.


Carlos Carvalho

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Contact Carlos Carvalho, Carlosdop

Active as a cinematographer and photographer my experience varies in feature films, commercial, documentary, travel, nature and portraiture. Capturing people to convey the essence of the moment is what I love to do.

The Hotzshop

Benni Hotz

Cape Town, South Africa

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Contact Benni Hotz, the hotzshop

A graphic designer and phototographer with 40 years' experience in advertising, catalogue, table top and roomsets.I also love the outdoors and do landscapes, flora including macro work,bird and mammal photography. I love a challenge, and have a fully equipped studio, as well as a back pack ready to go! I am a past chairman of the local chapter of the national proffessional photograhic body, and have lectured and tutored at an arts college on the view camera.

I have extensive skills with photoshop.

I held a solo exhibition last year at the Baxter Theatre main foyer, on invitation during a Jazz Education Convention, and a follow up of a three day Big Band series of concerts. This Ehxibition was subsequently rehung 4 months later at the Nassau Centre Auditorium.

Evert Nel Photography

Evert Nel

Cape Town, South Africa

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Although my passion in general is all photography that involves capturing any subject with the right light, my special interests are nature landscapes, wildlife, travel, underwater and black & white. Corporate photos provides some interesting experiences as well.

I safari extensively in Africa and the rest of the world to remote places to capture my images.

I've been seriously invloved in photography since 1999 and professionally since 2004. I've started with film and gradually moved to only digital since 2004.

Currently I'm using a Canon 1DsIII and 1DIV systems with only Canon L-glass in front.

The Africa Image Library

Ariadne Van Zandbergen

Durban, South Africa

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Contact Ariadne Van Zandbergen, The Africa Image Library

Ariadne Van Zandbergen is a freelance travel and wildlife photographer, specialised in Africa. She has been a professional photographer for 12 years, in which time she has travelled and photographed every corner of this continent. Her photographs have appeared on numerous book and magazine covers. A showcase of her work has recently been published in a book 'Africa: Continent of Contrast'. Aside from editorial work, she has also been assigned for the photography for many brochures, pamphlets and other advertising work.

New Therapist

John Soderlund

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

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Contact John Soderlund, New Therapist

John Soderlund is a portrait and panoramic photographer, specialising in multimedia exhibitions and projects. His fine art photographic work is held by collectors in several countries.

Eugene and Cathy-Louise Troskie have more than twenty years experience in photography between them. They have been doing commercial wildlife photography for the past six years. Eugene started doing photography at the age of eight years old. We have sold many wildlife images internationally and have images in most of the major countries around the world. We travel all over Southern Africa in search of good photographic material. African Wildlife, photography and traveling is our passion.


Gavin Roberts

Cape Town, South Africa

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Contact Gavin Roberts, GRPhotos

I am a photographer that enjoys shooting things, with a camera that is. I also do Video work like documentaries and anything exciting. I like to think outside the box, not do the conventional really and explore. I enjoy ruffling peoples feathers by presenting things in a different light.

Please feel free to drop me an email to discuss your next project and maybe we can do something extraordinary together.

Jesse Kate Kramer Photography

Jesse Kramer

Cape Town, South Africa

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Specialising in performance, portrait & theatrical photography. I document rehearsals, performances, events & experiences. I love to tell a visual story and am particularly interested in design, community & environmental issues.