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30 years experience documenting religions and lifestyles in developing nations. I have written and illustrated books on Pakistan, Jordan, Oman and the Arab Gulf States, as well as travel guides to Malaysia, Bali, Thailand and the Seychelles. My images illustrate hundreds of other books.The COPIX collection has more than 11,000 searchable images on-

line. I spent many years working from a London base for photo-shoots in Africa, the Middle East/Arab Gulf and South Asia. In 2013 I returned to Australia and am available for assignments in Asia and the western Pacific region. New travel memoir published 2013 Travels with My Hat.

Latest book featuring world religions with 365 photos and captions, Among Believers, published 2016.

New South Wales

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Recent Clients

  1. Islamic Museum Sharjah UAE
  2. AA/National Geographic Guides
  3. ANC Black
  4. Pearson
  5. Insight Guides APA


  1. PATA AWARD, travel journalism - SE Asia
  2. PATA AWARD travel journalism - Burma
  3. BAPLA/FUJI award - Sri Lanka
  4. BGTW award Travel Photography - Morocco
  5. Exhibited Royal Geographic Society