Damon Coulter

Damon Coulter is a Japan-based photographer and photojournalist originally from Kent in the UK. He spent ten years on the road, visiting over 40 countries and contributing images and articles to the travel pages of magazines and newspapers worldwide, before settling in Tokyo in 2002 where he developed his photojournalism skills to provide erudite and emotive single images and short photo essays to illustrate editorial copy. Has also worked for commercial clients in everything from promotional imagery and Guinness World Records Attempts to portraits and lifestyle shots. Currently working on several long term projects in Japan while keeping a strong interest in all that is happening in the rest of the World so is, of course, more than happy to travel for a story.

Recent Clients

  1. Los Angeles Times, (US)
  2. Grosvenor Estates, ( Bostock and Politt, UK)
  3. Game Informer Magazine (US)
  4. Daily and Sunday Mirror
  5. Carlyle Annual report ((FCI Creative US)


  1. Fuji distinctions award
  2. City Magazine, Living Cities award
  3. Finalist Wanderlust/Telegraph Travel photographer of the Year 1998,2004,2005,2006


Portfolios of example work from Damon Coulter: