Deborah Harmes Photography/AmblingArt

Professional photographer and journalist for over 30 years. I have recently returned from France, lived in Melbourne for awhile when I first moved back, and am now living in Central Victoria in Ballarat, Australia. Currently creating new portfolio images, doing private commissions, and doing public relations work.

Areas of specialty are images of daily life, fine art and architecture, travel photojournalism, non-studio advertising shots, and environmental portraits.

I have done writing and photography for newspapers in the USA and Australia and have participated in fine-art-photography exhibitions.

Memberships include the National Press Photographers Association and Society of Professional Journalists.


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Recent Clients

  1. GreenWorks: Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. Ariege Artisans: Argein, Midi-Pyrenees, France
  3. Leatherworks: Normandy, France
  4. A Wanderful Life: Travel Journal
  5. Hole In The Donut: Travelogue