Pencille Productions

I breed and train Shetland ponies to be ridden or driven in their native home, Shetland, Britain's most northerly outpost. Although fairly new to professional photography, I have a very good eye for seeing the unique characteristics in an animal. The patterns of nature intrigue me and I enjoy seeing this through my camera lens.

Skills - I have a good camera, a good eye and a Mac!

Experience - My work is used worldwide in a variety of publications. I have had books and calendars published.

My main aim is to promote the Shetland pony in its natural environment to anyone who likes their unique and cheeky character.

I also enjoy taking my camera and using it to make folk smile by showing them the results of my work of the nature around them.

Shetland Islands

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Recent Clients

  1. The Daily Mail newspaper
  2. Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society
  3. Shetland Times Bookshop
  4. Shetland Times Newspaper
  5. The Shetland Crofting, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (SCFWAG)


  1. The Guardian - in pictures (finalist)
  2. Bonhoga Art Gallery - Travelling Exhibition - Nature of the Njuggle
  3. Reflections of Shetland - dvd's


Portfolios of example work from Pencille Productions: