George Atsametakis Photography

I am a professional photographer based in Athens, Greece, available for photography assignments.

I have been involved in photography for the last thirty five years. My favorite subjects are people, sports, nature, events, although I can deal with a quite wide range of subjects. I am regularly contributing pictures to several Greek magazines. My pictures are also being published all over the world through several picture agencies. My pictures have been distinguished and have won awards in several photo competitions. The last 12 years I worked as the chief technical editor for PhotoNet magazine, testing the majority of professional equipment like cameras, lenses, printers.


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Animal Architectural Art & Artist Automobile/bike Boat & Ship Children/baby Digital Editorial Educational Elderly People Environmental Issues Family Life Flower & Plant Garden/gardening Home Life Horse/equestrian Insect Interior Landscape Leisure Lifestyle Marine/marine Life Nature People Portrait Sports Still Life Stock Transport Travel Wildlife Event Headshot Macro Magazine Night Pet Real Estate Adventure Racing


Portfolios of example work from George Atsametakis Photography: