EnTerceraClase Photography

I´m experienced in travel photography. I´ve been travelling to all the seven continents for more than 10 years now.

I love to take people´s portraits in their everyday life. But i´ve also done some assignments about mountain photography with "La vuelta al Pirineo en 80 días" as the most relevant issue. During this assignment I trekked around the Pyrenees from coast to coast on the Spanish side and back over the French side. More than 1600 KM and three months alone in the mountains ended up with the publication of the book "Un sueño en el bolsillo". I also worked for the government of Aragón taking pictures of the Pyrenees in order to make a 25 x 4 meters pictures to show in FITUR´07.

I´m ready to take assignments throughout the world.


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Recent Clients

  1. Infopirineos
  2. Government of Aragon
  3. CREA
  4. iD/N magazine


  1. Exhibition fundación CREA.
  2. Exhibition Espiello film festival (Boltaña)
  3. Exhibition La Vuelta al Pirineo en 80 días
  4. Exhibition Doctor Cerrada (Zaragoza)
  5. Exhibition Save the Children (Zaragoza)


Portfolios of example work from EnTerceraClase Photography: