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Open Image Requests

Requests from Buyers for Images

We have two open requests.






School of the Air in Australia
1. Portraits of students aged 10-12 at their desks at home listening on radio or interacting via skype or other remote learning video tool.
2. Family homes who use the school to show remote living-outback cattle ranch or similar
3. Student with a tutor at home
4. Example of a family schoolroom
5. Teacher using modern technology to teach/broadcast
6. Teacher and student at a home visit
7. Group of students at a mini-camp or organized school event



Nesconset General store in Smithtown, New York with attached post office

If you are a talented photographer and you think you can meet any of these requests, then click here to apply to register as a seller and seize the chance to sell your images.

And if you are looking for an image for your project and can't find it by a search on the PD website, then register or login as a buyer and make a request from your buyers' home-page.
Alternatively, you can search for a photographer to undertake an assignment for you, who specialises in your needs or area of the world.