Simon Clegg Photography

Currently digitalising 35mm, transferring to CD/uploading. Live Bands from the late 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. Music business. Indie scene.

Bands on Stiff, Rough Trade and Factory Records, John Peel etc, bands that toured in Glasgow/Edinburgh ie Spandau Ballet Scottish tour pics.

Glasgow Municipality/Council items. Tenements, old buildings, vintage public furniture and fittings prior to restoration ie. letter boxes, toilets, (Public Conveniences), railings, old signage etc. Modern, vintage and veteran aircraft, flying, damaged or wrecked. Buses, cars, cafés, old shops, vintage signage – basically anything that looked like it wouldn’t be around for much longer. Australia same-same; Rural and regional Victoria, people, places, ie. Luna Park, old signage, military medals. Enquire within.


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Recent Clients

  1. CBS.
  2. Edinburgh Gig Archive


  1. Lighthouse. Glasgow. 2002. Retrospective.


Portfolios of example work from Simon Clegg Photography: