Lourens Smak - Fotograaf

My aim is always to create a striking image, using the light, the moment, the shape, the colour, or anything else that could set the subject apart.

I like working on location and needing to improvise, it makes every day different, and it can make even a common product-shot a creative challenge.

I'm proud to be all-round and it's my opinion that a good photographer should be able to create a good image of anything, anywhere, anytime.

North Brabant

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Advertising Antiquities Architectural Automobile/bike Beauty Business Catalogue Celebrities/personalities Corporate Cosmetics Digital Editorial Engineering Fashion Fish & Fishing Food & Drink Industrial Interior Lifestyle Portrait Product Still Life Stock Tabletop Transport Travel Commercial Headshot Magazine Model Packshot Real Estate Studio PR


Studio facilities are available.

100m2 studio with large door, 4m limbo, and Profoto lighting gear.

Recent Clients

  1. Saker sportscars Europe (automotive)
  2. Jewel concepts (jewelry)
  3. d'Acquasparta (men's shoes)
  4. Shakespeare / Pure Fishing (fishing gear)
  5. Breda's Museum


  1. 1st place Elle talent scout
  2. Olympus top photographer


Portfolios of example work from Lourens Smak - Fotograaf: