Wayne Cook Fine Art Photography

I started taking photographs of rural landscapes in 1961 using my fathers Kodak Brownie, some 50 years ago. In 1964, I was given a Leica M3 which I used until 1969. That year, I began to experiment with Poloraid cameras. By 1978, I had aquired a Canon 35 mm camera, which I used until 1988. Now, I use a Nikon exclusively. I have been an oil painter since the 1970s and my father taught me some skills in etching on copper. I have also experimented with some sculpture in wood. My focus has been Muskoka and my aboriginal roots and heritage from northern Ontario. I am of Metis heritage, along with Scottish, English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish (Canada 1640’s maternal family members). My roots have been traced back to Spain in 1492, where my family were Merchant Bankers, Merchants and land


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Studio facilities are available.